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Air Quality Modelling Update for 2009

by Barry

Alberta Environment New Site

Alberta Environment New Site

As of July 1, 2009, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources Development (renamed AESRD in 2012) no longer accepts ISC modelling, and studies using AERMOD and CALPUFF will be the norm.

AESRD (previously AENV) came up with their new Air Quality Model Guideline, the AQMG, in the spring. It took effect July 1, and with that change, ISC modeling of any type has been decommissioned for regulatory purposes. So CALPUFF is now the model of choice within my current work at Calvin Consulting Group Ltd.

It is more cumbersome (requires increased expertise and computer time to execute), but may provide more favourable results. As a result, all air modelling work will become more time-consuming than ever before.

I have also been informally notified that revisions to the air quality standards, the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives (AAAQO) are pending and will become more stringent over the course of the next two years or so. This did take place in 2011: some of the SO2 and NO2 guidelines were reduced by as much as 33%. So we’ll keep that in mind as we proceed with all of the ongoing/forthcoming projects and might find that it should be preferable to get our approvals for the plants with greater emissions sooner rather than later.

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Good start!
by: Marie

I am happy to see how quickly Canada has joined in the battle for protecting our air. I found this website helpful in giving a better understanding of weather, tips for helping the atmosphere and a blog discussing new discoveries and legislation.

I would like it if there was a link or page that spoke of what other countries are doing about this "stuff in the air," particularly my own, the USA. We have a long way to go but it is good to see that Alberta is ready to join the fight.

Alberta Environment
by: N Raja

It is good to know that Alberta Environment is keeping on top of our Air Quality. I just found many details in this website which is really good to learn. It is really interesting. I love all the pages specially the AIR QUALITY page was of good knowledgeable resource for any new person who does not know how air is being polluted. I have forwarded this website links to few of my friends who are studying masters and doing research in terms of environment pollution.

Alberta Environment
by: Susan Brown

As an Albertan it is good to know that Alberta Environment is keeping on top of our Air Quality. I just discovered this website. It is really interesting. I love your Satellites page. I have favourited this website. Full of great stuff.

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