Air quality policy

by layla
(basrah, iraq)

Clean Beautiful Air

Clean Beautiful Air

How I can make a investigation to the peopele in chemicales environmental consciousness ?

Barry's Response - Layla:

1) Easiest method might to be to visit manufacturers' websites (such as Dow Chemicals) and view each environmental air quality policy. Most should have this info online.

2) Once you have a list of company names go to Google news (, then hit news after making your entry into the text box.) Put one of the company names and this: ~environmental (that little squiggly thing on the keyboard to the left of the number 1, use shift key) and see what comes up. How the firms act should give some insight into how they think about environmental stewardship.

For that matter you can try this entry on the web option at Google and get loads of potentially good air-quality-policy data sources.

Just a couple of ideas.

Search this site for more information now.

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Environment concern
by: George

This policy will go a long way in creating a list of the concerned environmentalists. I would specially opt for global warming and related topics on this site for increasing my knowledge.

Air quality
by: Anonymous

I think you seem like a person who really cares about the environment and weather related topics which is a good thing because we don't have very many of those people. I look forward to finding out more information.

What an idea.
by: Saurabh

I think it s a fantastic idea to do so. It will be a nice thing and it will generate a lot of interest in environmentalists. It was very much interesting and I appreciate this idea. I would definitely explore more of this site and view some topics about environment concern.

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