by Dinakachukw
(Owerii, nigeria)

Move over, please.

Move over, please.

What air pollution model can be of help to me in the study of socio-economic impact of air pollution on the immediate environment of a pig farm? Thanks for everything.

Barry's Response - Dinakachukw:

An interesting question. Socio-Economic impact? I don't know if there are any off-the-shelf models to deal with something as specialized as that. For the air quality impact, explore the SCRAM website belonging the US government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), download one of the ISC-PRIME air models and learn how to use it.

For air quality impacts of a large source such as a pig farm, I would be inclined to use an area source. The challenging part might be obtaining the meteorological data you need.

Get the model (for free) at:

Search this site for more information now.

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Good question
by: Tom

That is a good question and I love your selection of topic. This topic do have a great relevance in our present scenario and it is more likely that majority of the people wouldn’t have actually given a thought about it.

Air Model
by: Anonymous

Please give a detailed post it would be interesting.

by: Diane

Liked the picture of the pigs. Would not ever use the air model myself, But im glad someone is testing the air pollution.

by: Anonymous

This is a really...undetailed question and explanation. If it was elaborated upon, I might be interested in reading it. I'm not really sure what the point of this is. I'm not really sure reading this was worthwhile to my dependency on living a fantastic life.

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