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Globle warming (i.e., Global warming) and the climate crisis are headlines we see every day.

Explore one of today's most pressing issues - global warming.  Learn about the facts, mysteries, and potential effects of global warming. Explore the evidence that led us here, from melting glaciers to rising sea levels.

Learn about the complex factors that contribute to global warming.  Embark on a journey through time, science, and controversy as we explore the intricacies of global warming.  Take advantage of this chance to learn more about something that affects us all. 

We've got answers to the questions looming over our changing climate if you keep reading.

In fact, it is spelled global warming.  Maybe you're wondering what it's all about.  Probably not now, but this article was originally published in 2004.  Here's a list of short articles that might be helpful.

It's still important.  Weather observations and other evidence show that the air close to the earth's surface has warmed up.  Where's the evidence?

Fact #1, The earth has become warmer, leading to melting glaciers.  Our time on earth has seen ice caps and glaciers melt and shrink.  It's gonna continue somewhere.

Climate change has been blamed on globle warming by presenters like Al Gore.  Some of this ice is disappearing as part of this temperature shift.

Fact #2, Global warming is causing sea levels to slowly rise as a result of the great melt.  They could rise a lot and flood out our lowlands.  They might not; there's a lot to consider.  There's more to oceans than meets the eye.

There's more to oceans than meets the eye.  Our lowlands could flood if they rise a lot.  They might not; there are a lot of factors to consider.  There's more to oceans than meets the eye.  It's even more complicated if you consider salt changes.

What is normal?

Fact #3, Climate change has been going on for eons, eras, periods, and epochs. In terms of earth's historythese things divide time into meaningful chunks.

Here's a graph of climate change in the link above - over the last 540 million years.  In it, it shows the varying temperatures over this time frame and acknowledges the ice ages.  With our recent global warming, the blue line is just above average.

How did the climate of the world change over time?  Is it getting warmer?  Is it colder?  Watch the world change at 100 years per minute in this video.

Fact #4, We're always in balance: When was the globe not warming?  In a stable climate (some say that doesn't happen) the heat entering the earth-atmosphere system would equal the heat leaving.

Scientists call this a balanced energy budget or a state of equilibrium.  The average temperature of the whole planet doesn't change much during these periods.

Fact #5, regional effects often outweigh global ones: Climate variations in North America, for instance, are often caused by local factors more than wide-scale ones.

Moisture received over relatively short distances of 100 miles or less varies a lot.  All over the world, the same principles apply.  Learn how we compare deserts with the aridity index.  Are droughts and deserts going to get worse with global warming?  Some prognosticators think so.

Case studies are a good way to look at global warming.  Canada is likely to be affected a lot.  Take a look at the climate zones in Canada that have existed in our lifetimes, and watch how they change as data comes in.  For example, do they all migrate northward?

Globle Warming in Modern times

Fact #6, mankind may have an influence: What's the leading cause of global warming?  Most people would say carbon dioxide.  Check out this article for more info.  We should consider other things besides carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and actual air pollution.  Get the whole story.

There was no way to talk about global warming today without mentioning An Inconvenient Truth earlier this century.  It's for good reason too.  Al Gore's film has brought this issue to the forefront.

Gore's graphs and data show how global warming has been a growing concern for decades.  As film critics proliferate, there's been a lot of contention over it.  If you're interested in how humans and industry have influenced climates around the world, An Inconvenient Truth digs into that.  I recommend it!

Fact #7, The great mystery of modern times: How does global warming happen?  It's a combination of things. Greenhouse effect and changes in solar radiation are the most commonly cited causes of global warming.

Their effects on the weather can make global warming worse.  What else causes globle warming?   The research is well worth the effort.

Go watch a film entitled The Great Global Warming Swindle for even more. The additional perspective is illuminating.

Fact #8, Globle warming still isn't solved: One may insist that we need immediate global warming solutions.  Are we experiencing an unjustified panic?

Will we get along no matter what?  We might even be better off after warming.  All of these are possible.  We don't know the answers yet.  Do you have any other questions about globle warming?

Here are some true facts about global warming to help you decide.  Go back from Globle Warming to the Solution Global Warming page. Or visit the air homepage. Publish your own thoughts right here!

What's the latest in Global Warming?

Not everything is covered on this website. It can't be. If you know something you're itching to tell the world, here's your chance. I'm all ears.

Go ahead.

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