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Alberta Canada is a Fabulous place for Residents and Visitors Alike

by Dawn
(Alberta, Canada)

Remember Winter 1988 in Calgary?

Remember Winter 1988 in Calgary?

Back as a young child, growing up in the 80's in Calgary Alberta I remember lots of snow and experiencing very cold temperatures, but it was fun playing outside if you bundled up in layers of clothes.

Typically it always seemed that Halloween day, October 31st was the time of the year that the snow started to fall and there was that feeling of brrr. For those that like hockey it was a great time of year to catch a game of pond hockey on the outdoor ice, the snow was also lush and plentiful on the Alberta and BC ski hills, also lots of snow always meant plenty of snow angel markings on the walk to school as well as snowball fights in the school yard.

Over the years, through out teenage years and into my 30's, winter time has not been the same. Of course there still has been snow but not the amount of snow or for the length of cold time that had been witnessed in previous years. Some years I was lucky to see a whole month of snow but never your bone chilling winter that I experienced as a young elementary or junior high student.

Of course that was up to this year 2008-09. Now living in Lethbridge Alberta at the age of 34 this is the first year in a long while that many have experienced such
dramatic temperatures in Alberta that prevented a car from starting, icy road conditions, school closures, an increase in vehicle fatality due to slippery conditions and of course at times it being so bone chilling cold that one would not want their skin to be exposed to the outside temperatures for more than a couple of minutes.

All of Alberta has experienced much of the same temperatures this season of course with the North being it's usual colder conditions then the south. Is it bearable to live in, yes! Do we want it to end when it lasts for more than 1 week? Of course.

Alberta is a fabulous place to consider living and offers many activities and sites that would be worth seeing, even in the winter months. So come join the rest of us in your bundled up layered clothing for a game of pond hockey on the outdoor ice, meet us at our beautiful ski hill and experience the breath taking mountainous view of the Crowsnest Past, just make sure to drive carefully and yes you may want to make sure your car has a block heater installed!

Barry's Response - I imported a used Lexus from Texas last summer. The first thing I bought for it afterwards: All-Season Tires (maybe should-a gone winter this time around). The second: a block heater.

What's next? Perhaps a garage.

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by: Anonymous

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