all talk, no walk.

by kat fernandez

Canadian Energy Facility

Canadian Energy Facility

The earth is changing, and it isn't in a good way. Global warming, deforestation, extinction in animals, extinction in fossil fuels and natural resources is something that some people don't see, but most of us do.

People say that we need to fix the earth and they have advertisements on TV about how horrible things are and if you donated a dollar a day, you can help. But the people advertising don't do anything. They say things to make themselves look good and like they're trying to help, but no changes have been made, because they're "all talk, no walk."

Barry's Response -

Ever heard of a limousine Liberal? This term points to insincerity, perceived or real, at the hands of a well-to-do environmental liberal. Classic examples include individuals encouraging the public to use the bus or other environmental-conserving methods while they travel in lavish fashion. Hypocrisy of this sort shows up in situations surrounding other public sectors, such as health care and education too.

Case in point: many Al Gore critics like to iterate his use of a private jet, large homes with disproportionate electricity consumption, and numerous scientific errors in his famous presentations. Critics have this way of not seeing the whole story. Ya ever notice that?

Interestingly enough, Hollywood director James Cameron recently visited the Alberta Oil Sands on an environmental fact-finding mission. I wonder what ever became of this endeavor.

Thanks for your insights, Kat.

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