And ever the twain shall meet


About as cold as it Gets

About as cold as it Gets

My favorite cold story from the time I lived in Quebec:

I'm American, so I always had trouble relating to the weather forecasts in Celsius degrees. I would have to try to translate it into Fahrenheit - not an easy piece of math first thing in the morning. Inconvenient as it was, though, it was better than the day no conversion was necessary . . . because the temperature was low enough that Celsius had "caught up" at 40 degrees below zero.

Barry's Response - So long as the Fahrenheit temperature is higher than Celsius, we're in the Warmer than -40 territory. A good place to be.

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A story of Leaving the warm climate for the cold.

New opportunities: As Carlos stepped off the plane and onto Canadian soil, the sun beat relentlessly down.
Unfamiliarity: Now he was in a foreign land, a place known for its bitter winters and frost-covered landscapes, far from the vibrant streets of his hometown in Mexico. In this cold and unforgiving climate, Carlos had come to Canada looking for new opportunities, but little did he know what he was in for.
Harsh Reality: As he walked through his new city, Carlos couldn't help but notice the stark contrast from the warmth he was used to. He was chilled to the bone by the biting wind. Under layers of snow and ice, the once vibrant colors of his world seemed muted. It was a battle against the elements every step of the way. His breath created delicate clouds in the frigid air, a constant reminder of the harsh reality he now faced. Simple tasks became daunting as even the simplest activities had to be prepared and protected.
Hope for comfort: Amidst the hardships, Carlos discovered a resilience he didn't know he had. Layering his clothes, bundling up in scarves, hats, and gloves, he became a walking fortress. In the stillness and serenity of the snow-covered landscapes, he found solace.
Community and Sharing: In addition to physical warmth, Carlos wanted the Canadian community's embrace. The people, like their climate, had an inner warmth that thawed even the coldest hearts. In this land of extremes, they welcomed him with open arms and shared stories of their own struggles and triumphs.
Internal Strength: He learned that challenges, whether climatic or otherwise, are just part of life. Even in the harshest of circumstances, he learned to adapt, to find strength, and to appreciate beauty.
Belonging: Moving from a warm climate to Canada was not just a physical journey, it was also a journey of self-discovery for Carlos. The cold winters became a symbol of his own resilience, a reminder of his inner strength.
Growth and Embrace: Under the starry Canadian sky, he realized that no matter what the weather, he would always find warmth within himself and in the communities he embraced.

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by: Anonymous

I live in Canada! It is not as bad as you think. Yes there is some cold days but the springs and summers are beautiful.

It is hard to convert Fahrenheit and Celsius. I just can imagine.

Very informative.

From Barry - Despite the cold winters, Canadian cities have four distinct seasons, offering a variety of activities. Flowers bloom late in the spring, and the weather is usually mild in the summer.

Cold Canada
by: Anonymous

Candada is very cold. I am not sure if I would want to visit in the winter. The summer would be better.

From Barry - Most of Canada's average winter temperature is below freezing. During the summer months when the weather is warmer, you'll be able to do a lot more outdoor activities in comfort.

by: Angela

Sounds like Canada can be freezing in the winter season. I can sympathize. I live in Grand Forks ND. I hear that we get colder then Canada. This year was long so we are looking forward to spring soon. When the wind blows during snow storms it creates 10 foot snow drifts over the roof tops of buildings. I am sure it does in Canada too. It is just amazing to see what mother nature can do!

From Barry - Some parts of Canada can get down to -30 degrees Celsius (or colder). The Canadians are used to the cold, so they bundle up with lots of layers. It can still be a shock to feel the cold air on your skin even with all the layers.

That is cold
by: Anonymous

Canada is cold.

From Barry - It's just a rumour.

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