Attached air compressor !

by Ron

A Classic

A Classic

Attach a small air compressor to a rear wheel to refill the tank, it would have to be smaller so it would turn with ease and not over power the cars air engine, this would be a solution but would take some study and trial and error to figure out!

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Hey, thanks for the idea.
by: Barry

Voila! It's a perpetual motion machine.

Refilling a car's air tank with a small compressor attached to the rear wheel is an interesting idea, but would require careful engineering. Take these steps:

- Design a compact air compressor that fits near the rear wheel. It must be lightweight and powerful to avoid overpowering the car's air engine.

- Secure the air compressor to the rear wheel assembly. Make sure it spins freely with the wheel.

- Make sure it spins freely without causing friction. This could be electric (battery-powered), powered by the car's engine, or even regenerative.

- Implement a pressure regulation system to control how much air gets pumped into the tank. Overpressure prevents safe operation.

- Make sure you have safety features like pressure relief valves and emergency shut-offs.

- Test the compressor's performance, efficiency, and impact on the car's handling and fuel economy. You can adjust the design by trial and error.

- Don't let the compressor drain more energy than it can regenerate. The system should improve overall efficiency.

- Make sure you're complying with all applicable legal and safety standards.

Weigh the benefits against the complexity, cost, and potential risks. You'll need guidance from automotive engineers and experts to make this idea a reality.

In the event that it does not work, at least you can say you have tried.

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