Auditory Ability and Liquid Consumtion

by Andrew
(Mayville, WI)

I'll drink to good hearing

I'll drink to good hearing

In this science project my goal was to tell if a person's hearing ability is affected by consuming various amounts of liquid.

Using a audiometer (a gadget that generates beep tones at various frequencies to test a person's hearing) to measure a subject's hearing ability.

I then had the subject consume a half-pint of water and tested the subject's hearing again. I repeated this step until the subject had consumed 2 pints of water.

I repeated this process with several subjects.

In the end I determined that a person's hearing is not affected by how much water they have consumed, however it may be interesting to repeat the experiment using other liquids such as orange juice, cola, milk, and other liquids. It may also be interesting to conduct the experiment using solid foods instead of liquids.

Barry's Response - ...or alcohol. Liquids containing sugar or caffeine may also have an effect on humans worth noting. Thanks for the unique idea, Andrew. Wherever did you come up with that one?

The next question might deal with how this consumption affects the other senses, or reading, data processing, decision making or motor control and efficiency. Alcohol has been tested for its effects some of these abilities.

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Liquid Consumtion
by: Anonymous

I think that is such a interesting idea. I never thought of it like that. I also agree about drinking other liquids. If we drank the same liquid it would be boring. We need to mix it up a bit. It would interesting with alcohol. lol.

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