Bill Nye made me love science

A favourite amongst many

A favourite amongst many

I can remember watching Bill Nye both as a fairly young child, and again in high school. As a child, I remember thinking that the experiments performed on the show were pretty cool, and that it might be fun to one day become a scientist.

Little did I know that science experiments are not always as fun as those shown on Bill Nye. However, I do believe that science is as interesting as Bill Nye portrays it. There is amazing stuff happening in the world of science, and Bill Nye did a great job of making kids aware of some of it.

In high school, one of my science teachers insisted on showing us Bill Nye episodes. I can remember him dancing along to the theme song, and the class singing along to the songs and raps. It helped to ingrain into our memories many of the basic principles of science.

Today I am a biochemist, and do believe that some of my interest in science was due to the Bill Nye shows. While I no longer watch Bill Nye, I continue to watch science shows such as Mythbusters and Daily Planet. While these shows are interesting to me now, I don't think that as a child they would have captivated my attention the same way as Bill Nye.

I hope that schools continue to show Bill Nye and that networks air these types of shows during the afternoon in the hopes of encouraging more children to enter into the frustrating, but extremely rewarding and often fun world of science.

Barry's Response - Yes, that would be ideal.

Search this site for more information now.

I love hearing about your journey from Bill Nye fan to biochemist.

Bill Nye has a special knack for making science engaging, especially for young minds.

Those high school science lessons must have been memorable thanks to your teacher's enthusiasm and Bill Nye's theme song. That's a testament to the power of education and effective science communication.

You're a testament to the positive influence of science programs like Bill Nye's. A lifelong curiosity and passion for learning can be sparked by them.

It's admirable that you want more science shows to inspire the next generation. Exploring the world of science with kids can lead to incredible discoveries. Who knows, maybe one day you'll inspire the next generation of scientists, just like Bill Nye did for you.

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So Bill Nye isn't a waste of High School Time...
by: ChemTeacher

As a high school educator, I didn't know how important Bill Nye was to budding scientists.

It's also good to know that I should strive to keep my labs fun!

And....that it's ok to dance to the theme song of Bill Nye. :)

Thank you for your insights.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Chem.

He is an inspirer
by: asvd

Children get inspiration from others and from TV Programs. The way Bill Nye explains the science facts helps even a layman to understand complex science factors. He becomes inspiration for to child to become scientist. Well Done Bill!!!!

From Barry - Children have been inspired to pursue scientific careers by Bill Nye's ability to explain difficult scientific concepts. He's also popular with kids because of his engaging and humorous presentation style.

my kids and i loved bill nye!!!!!!
by: chokem

we watched his program every day until it was no longer available. when the viacom network started Noggen they did a bill nye marathon and i recorded 6 hours(!) of the science guy and we watched it over and over. i loved the fact that they would use popular music of the time to hammer home the topic of the show. especially the episodes featuring Soundgarden in the studio and Chris Ballew(sp?)from Presidents of the United States singing about farm food. mom's cool music tied to learning? sweet!

great topic. anything else about BN?

From Barry - Nye also promoted scientific literacy and education. Through his TV show, books, and other media, he boosted the importance of science. He's also involved in a lot of science and education charities.

Bill Nye
by: Anonymous

I watched Bill Nye when I was a kid too. I felt like I learned a lot when I was a kid. Especially watching it at school. I don't watch the show now but I have seen Myth Busters and Storm Chasers on the discovery channel.

I really enjoyed this article. Very good detail and graphics. Very informative.

From Barry - When my kids were young, I watched Bill Nye with them. Bill Nye's show was entertaining and engaging. The graphics were vivid and captivating, and the presentation was easy to understand. Discovery shows, on the other hand, provided a deeper insight into scientific phenomena and were a great way to explore concepts more deeply.

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