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PBS Science Guy redeemed TV Shows.

Do TV shows help kids?  Public TV, however, has changed all that with the comedic Science Guy named Bill Nye.  Bill Nye, the science guy, what do YOU remember?

PBS Science Guy

From 1993 to 1998, entertainer Bill Nye hosted a science-themed TV show called "Bill Nye the Science Guy."  Designed for kids and young adults, the show made science fun and accessible.

Among the things people remember about Bill Nye are his energetic and enthusiastic personality, his iconic lab coat and bowtie, and his catchy theme song that started with:

"Bill Nye the Science Guy... Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill!"

Also, he taught science with humor and pop culture references to explain complex concepts.

Bill Nye is also a popular science advocate, author, and speaker.  He's been involved in several high-profile debates and discussions about climate change, evolution, and other controversial scientific issues, and has become an influential figure.  A passionate and engaging science educator, Bill Nye inspired many people, especially young kids, to explore the wonders of science and nature.

They've changed the way kids look at science with their funny music videos that teach basic science info.  There are 100 different episodes in the series, which won Emmys between 1992 and 1998.Currently, the show is syndicated, so it could show up on other stations.

Grossology is a similar science show for Canadian kids.   It's fun and entertaining way to teach kids about the human body.  Cartoons and live demonstrations help kids learn about the digestive system, respiratory system, and different organs.

It covers topics like digestion, immunity, and the nervous system, as well as the science behind the body.  Science of everyday life, like cooking chemistry and sports physics, is also covered.

PBS Science Guy - Just on TV?

You can buy the program on video or DVD, though.  DVDs were released with school licensing, so they're expensive for regular people.

Disney sells them, or maybe Amazon or Ebay.  The videos, which are no longer in production, can sometimes be found second hand.  There are a few at my local library too.

You can also tap into his ideas by buying a book.  Consider the following by Bill Nye the Science Guy:  Here's a great set of science questions, Answers and Ideas to Ponder.

It's for kids in grades 4-7.  There are four pages for each question kids might want to ask a scientist in the 112-page book.  Kids will learn important terms and do a fun experiment.

Also, Bill Nye has written science books about topics younger people are interested in.  His books cover topics like germs, the ocean, and dinosaurs.  It'd be great if there was one about weather.  Parents might want to know Nye's science supports evolution.

Aside from Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nye has made another series called "In the Eyes of Nye." These episodes look at issues in the news from a science perspective.

Nye also appeared on Dancing with the Stars.  He danced with Tyne Stecklein.  They did a Cha-cha to "Singin' in the Rain" and got a score of 20.  In the third week, though, they were eliminated.

Through videos and books, Bill Nye makes advanced science concepts accessible to kids.  You can also catch his shows on syndication.  Want to be informed and entertained?  Here's a video on the SCIENCE of LAUGHTER.

Does science comedy work for kids?  Science comedy can be a great way to get kids interested in science.  It can help kids overcome any initial fears or apprehensions they may have about science by making it more approachable and entertaining.  In addition, science comedy helps kids remember important scientific concepts and facts by making them fun and memorable.

Science comedy can be a powerful educational tool that inspires creativity and curiosity.  Also, it can help break down stereotypes about science and scientists by making them relatable, funny, and approachable.

It's important to note that science comedy shouldn't be the only way to teach kids science.  Lectures, labs, and reading materials should be combined for a well-rounded education.  Science comedy should also always be based on accurate and scientifically sound information to make sure kids learn the right stuff.

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