Bill Nye

The Science Guy!

The Science Guy!

I have seen Bill Nye the science guy. I watched it when I was in school. There where some good episodes. Eventually after a while I did get sick of but learned a lot from it.

Some of the topics were very interesting and had a lot of scientific descriptions and experiments involved.

I would not know about shows but I know that Myth Busters would be all right.

I don't think this genre is a waste. If there was more money involved I think it could be better and kids would watch it.

Barry's Response - It's all good. I think this science guy will leave a legacy that will persist for some time to come.

This educational program, which Disney and PBS brought to us during most of the 90's, was perfect for the new Millennial generation. They were just getting into school, hungry for knowledge and entertainment. Music, bowties, comedy, action and science...what a mix!

Speaking of mixes, the song parodies at the end of most episodes made it even more entertaining than you could imagine. This may be the only thing some remember of grade-school science. But it's still a good thing.

♪♪Science Rules♪

Search this site for more information now.

I've seen it too, Bill Nye!

When my girls were in school, I caught those episodes, and let me tell you, they had their moments.

After a while, they got tired of it, but boy, did we have fun. Great topics, interesting stuff, scientific descriptions galore! Did you mention MythBusters? I'd say it's not bad. This genre, it's not a waste.

I'm sure kids would tune in if they put more money into it! There's something engaging, entertaining, and educational about these shows.

They make learning about scientific concepts fun and accessible. By pumping more money into the genre, we might be able to create more engaging and entertaining shows that will attract more viewers and teach more.

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by: Anonymous

Bill Nye was cheesy but tried to bring science to an audience who wouldn't have ever been exposed to it for any other reason. The way science has been traditionally taught in schools is difficult for many to follow and can leave many kids frustrated and confused. Bill Nye was a great alternate approach to teaching complicated concepts in a way a layman could understand. I think it has had a much bigger impact than its getting credit for here. There are also many YouTube channels flourishing now that have a very similar approach.

Some great ones include:

Crash Course

Barry's Response - Thanks. I have seen some of those and they work well.

Bill Nye
by: Anonymous

I think I have learned a lot from this show and I think he will definitely have a legacy in the end.

From Barry - People have been inspired to take action and stand up for what they believe in because of his courage and dedication. His platform has also allowed many people to share their stories and experiences, which is an important part of leaving a legacy.

I agree
by: Anonymous

These shows are educational and make it fun. How rare is that?

From Barry - We've got a great lineup, there. CGPGrey, Bill Nye, Vsauce, Crash Course, Veritasium, MinutePhysics, Mythbusters, MinuteEarth were listed previously.

Some of them are internet shows. What's even rarer? It's a blast learning with them.

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