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Canadian Prairie Biome

Canadian Prairie Biome

Biomes are amazing. There are all sorts, Tundra, Dessert, Aquatic, Grassland, Forest and the Rainforest. They are located all over the world and have different species for each biome. Each one is different; the animals, what the weather and climate are. EVERYTHING. They are so beautiful and I hope you post this on your site.
Thank you.

Barry's Response - Glad to, Erica.

Scientists categorize biomes by the similarity of climate and other elements of nature, ecosystems, within a geographical region. The distinguishing factors include plant and leaf types, plant density.

In general, a biome is a biological community, filling a specific region. On land we use the names you mentioned, like desert, rainforest, grassland or tundra and others, and aquatic ones are distinguished by freshwater and saltwater for example.

Terrestrial biomes of the world have simple names we can relate to. The major ones are:

  • Tropical Rainforest - Found in Africa, South America and Asia (including NE Australia and the islands in between)
  • Tropical Savannah - in Africa, South America, Asia and Australia again
  • Desert - found mainly in interior, mid-latitude regions of all continents
  • Chaparral - Mediterranean shrubland found in California, Australia and the Mediterranean area
  • Grassland - mostly dry regions of all continents
  • Temperate Forest - Found in coastal regions of all temperate continents.
  • Boreal Forest - straddles the Arctic circle around the globe
  • Tundra - high mountains and moderately high latitudes
  • Permanent ice cap - Greenland and Antarctica

Most of these have been modified by humans for agricultural purposes.

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