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burglar alarming latch

by kumar anand
(bangalore, india)

future is here

future is here

I was in 9th standard then. Every year our school organized "ANNUAL SCIENCE EXPO". That year I participated and after lot of discussion I made "burglar alarming latch".

Actually in that project I used LDR (light dependent resistor). First I made a house using cardboard, then at the door of the room I fixed LDR. LDR is sensitive to light. Slight change in intensity of light can trigger the alarm connected to that LDR.

It worked really very well. I got second prize for that even. I have a certificate for that also.
School science fairs are really very encouraging, as they help children to think of something new yet something creative.

Yes I would like to do it again.

Barry's Response - Yes, Kumar, we need more sensors. They can function as our eyes and ears when we're not around, and may be an important step in the eventual creation of artificial intelligence. Thanks for this description of your early research.

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Brilliant Work
by: Sameea Salih

Children has to be given more opprtunities and encouragement to prove themself.This is really a nice article and indeed an encouragement for other children

burglar alarming latch
by: Anonymous

Well, I liked the article, things have been mentioned in a clear way

light dependent resistor
by: Anonymous

Hi, really nice article. But the image was not clear. but the scientific informations are very usefull. Keep it up.

Neat Idea
by: Anonymous

Neat idea using light and a resistor to set off an alarm.

Perhaps revise your narrative for grammar and style. Also give a little more detail and a better picture/diagram if you have one.

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