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Canada Eh

Canada in the Fall

Canada in the Fall

I live in Canada and it may not be exactly what people think. We have four seasons that are spread out and never fail. Winter, is obviously the coldest time of the year, like right now, where it is below 30 degrees outside with the wind.

Despite this fact, there are still beautiful summers, spring and fall in which the normal temperature is far from cold. Summers are actually very nice and can be very hot on days.

Barry's Response - We like having all four seasons, and life would not be complete without them.

Americans sometimes shy away from our temperatures because they're in Celsius. We consider 30 degrees a very warm (even hot) day. It works out to 86 Fahrenheit, so I'm sure most would agree. By the way, at 40 below, the two scales are exactly the same.

Canada has once recorded a temperature of 113 F, 45 C, on the same day in two neighbouring towns in Saskatchewan in 1937. It also has recorded a -63 C (-81 F) once in the Yukon.

Is it dry here? Once a place in BC had 19 inches (49 cm) of rain in a 24-hour period, while another in the same province had 964 inches (2.5 metres) of snow one winter.

Most of our sparsely populated high north experiences several days in June & July in which the sun never sets. Most of those places also never see the sun for several days in December as well.

Everywhere in Canada has seen snow. Just not all of us have seen it in July. Come to Calgary sometime.

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