Canada is Cold

by Joe Moore
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Coming to Canada?

Coming to Canada?

I go to Canada once per month. My first visit was in July of last year - the temerature was about 55 degrees (F). I was traveling to Canada from Southern California where the temperature was 103 degrees (F).

Before I go to Canada, I always check the weather map and the 10 day forecast so that I know how to pack for my trip. (e.g., )I'm a big believer in carry on luggage only...therefore I pack for maximum efficiency. If the weather sneaks up on me while I am in Canada then I just buy warmer clothes while I am up there.

I'm surprised by the quality of the weather maps between the US and Canada. For example the map above is of very low resolution. Most US weather maps are of a much higher quality.

Other than the cold - I have never met a Canadian I did not like - they are always so welcoming and hospitable.

Barry's Response Thank you, Joe. I'm glad we're on the right track. It's not uncommon for the Canadian government to have decent budgets and update their resources. Occasionally, corporate America shows they're the best at everything...even weather forecasting.

But we like and trust our systems up here. Thank you again for your input. Here is a bit more about the Canadian weather service.

Search this site for more information now.

Oh, going to Canada once a month?

That sounds like a cool adventure! I can imagine how you have to be super smart about packing for your trips. Checking the weather map and the forecast is a clever idea. It's like being a weather detective! I bet you have a special backpacking routine down to a science.

And whoa, 55 degrees in Canada (12°C) while it's a scorching 103 degrees (40°C) in Southern California? That's like going from an oven to a freezer! You must feel like a penguin in a desert when you make that jump. It's a good thing you're prepared, though. Packing efficiently is the way to go, like a ninja packing master! Carry-on luggage only means you're a super traveler, ready for anything.

Haha, it's funny that the Canadian weather maps aren't as fancy as the ones in the U.S. Maybe they're too busy being friendly and welcoming to spend too much time on fancy maps! But hey, low resolution or not, at least you know what to expect, and that's what matters. Maybe the Canadian weather map wants to keep some surprises up its sleeve, just to keep you on your toes.

But you know what? Cold weather aside, Canadians are like unicorns of hospitality. It's awesome that you've never met a Canadian you didn't like. They must have superpowers of being friendly and welcoming. It's like their national talent or something! Maybe they sprinkle kindness on their pancakes every morning. Meeting nice people can make any trip even more amazing, right?

So, keep on being the weather detective, the packing ninja, and the adventurer who spreads warm vibes wherever you go. Canada is lucky to have you visiting, and you're lucky to have such cool experiences! Stay curious and keep enjoying those monthly Canadian adventures. Who knows what surprises and friendly faces you'll discover next!

Remember, being prepared and keeping a positive attitude is the secret recipe for amazing travels. Safe journeys, my explorer friend!

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