Canada IS Cold.

by Issa
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Cold Critters in Canada

Cold Critters in Canada

I have lived in Canada from almost birth and I am not getting used to it. I will though admit that the winters appear to be less intense than I remember from my youth.

Up until last year there don’t seem to be the blizzards that required you to walk backwards at times to protect your face. There seem to be less of the kinds of winters that had several weeks of constant sub-freezing temperature (less than 0°C or 32°F) that would allow ponds and small lakes to freeze over to permit safe ice-skating.

Despite what would appear what would be global warming, Canada is still cold. It is not cold all the time or everywhere. Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada, often has moderate temperatures. It often rains more than it snows.

The rest of the country has real cold. Some places experience temperature in the range of -30°C (-22°F). This is the kind of temperature that is quite hard to believe, even while experiencing it.

What really concerns me are temperatures below -10°C. For this I often make a quick check to or CP24 on TV. On occasion I will look at my favourite cities I have saved on my Google or Yahoo homepages.

Environment Canada has some long range forecasts available on their site. This is not much use for my personal needs. What I want to know is: What coat or boots to I need today? The site might useful to some who might want some long term planning ski resorts, construction, etc.

I will still question its usefulness though since that even though there might be still some statistical accuracy a business must be prepared for anything. What would probably useful is long term climate. E.g. Should I open an outdoor skating rink in southern Ontario if the trend over the next 10 years is to have less than 60% of winter days I won’t have skate-worthy ice?

The site overall is OK but usability seems could use some work. The map for the Analyses & Modelling seems to be just slapped in there and without nice easy to use visual cues and hints for the non-meteorologist. Some of the links in the side navigation leave the site and thus you lose your navigation. This little annoyances does not encourage me to explore the site more especially the site has information I am not desperate for. I may check out again one day in the future but not likely too soon.

In summary Canada is cold. Weather (short term) is useful to know, while climate (long term) is good to know, not as immediately useful.

Barry's Response - Thanks for the input, Issa. I realize climate forecast information is not for everyone. Some find it interesting, just for fun or for good reasons like the ones you gave..

Search this site for more information now.

Would you like to know more about the weather in Canada?

Prepare for a weather adventure like no other! You're looking at a land of vast frozen landscapes, where blizzards once roared like fierce snow beasts and temperatures plummeted to unimaginable levels. Having lived here most of my life, I've noticed some changes. I'm sorry, my weather-loving friend, but things have changed!
Like you say, the winters seem less intense than they used to be, with fewer blizzards and sub-freezing temps.

Winters have changed in the great white north. Remember those blizzards that made you walk backwards just to protect your face? Like shy snowflakes dancing in the wind, they've become elusive. What about those bone-chilling sub-zero temperatures? There aren't as many as there used to be.

Wait, there's more! We're still cold in Canada, despite global warming whispers. Some areas enjoy milder temperatures and rainy days, while others brave extreme cold with temperatures reaching -30°C (-22°F). That's chilly!

Here's a detour into long-range forecasts. While they're not great for daily coat and boot decisions, they're great for planning ski trips or construction projects. The long-term stuff!

Finally, my weather enthusiast, Canada's coldness still reigns supreme, but knowledge is power! Be prepared for the ever-changing weather patterns of the Great White North by staying informed, checking the forecasts, and checking the weather. Remember, the weather may change, but your passion for meteorology will always be as fierce as a blizzard! Don't forget to stay weather-wise!

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Canada is Fine - Page is Poor
by: Kara

This page didn't grab my interest. There are typos and grammatical errors that I didn't expect to find. Clean it up and create a better story. We know Canada is cold - now tell me something that I don't know.

From Barry - You didn't expect to learn that Canadians love curling up in front of a warm fire with a hot cup of maple syrup, did you?

ice cold canada
by: rafi

Ya, while saying canada it suddenly remembers to the ice cold condition exists there. But the people should feel proud of that they are having such a condition and think of that whether we can
go for ice skating in desert areas. But its really a good experience to feel like kept inside a fridge. Amazing cold canada.

From Barry - With our cold climate up here, you can do a lot of things you can't do in other countries. The cold temperatures make ice skating, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and skiing possible. As well, these activities can be enjoyed right in your own backyard, which makes them a source of pride for many Canadians.

Is Canada Cold
by: Anonymous

Its really cold in some of the parts there. Beautiful picture makes your post more attractive.

From Barry - Canada has some of the coldest winters in the world, but it's also got some beautiful scenery. It makes the cold temperatures seem a little more bearable because this picture captures the beauty of the Canadian landscape.

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