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Here is a short cut for the current long range weather forecast Canada has. The Environment Canada page has a menu of seasonal forecast options for you to explore. Have a look at this overview before you become overwhelmed by the list.

Canada's National Pastime

Here's an example of a useful application for the information provided on this site: Much of Canada's hockey season is played outdoors. So, when enrolling our kids into local leagues we like to know in advance whether games and practices will require extra bundling over a normal season, whether outdoor rink ice will be reliable and we may occasionally have a few other weather-related questions. The seasonal forecast page would give these hockey parents some needed insights.

The first item on the list of links, 30-day temperature forecasts, takes you to a map showing which regions of the country can expect to find warmer than average, cooler than normal or neutral temperatures over this relatively short time-frame. The maps are updated twice each month.  This is probably what you want to know the most.

The upcoming year:  long range weather forecast Canada

The next section of maps cover a three-month period. deterministic maps present both temperature and precipitation information in a format similar to the 30-day maps described above.

You can also examine three month probabilistic forecast maps. The maps show you each area's chances of receiving  higher or lower than normal temperature and precipitation amounts.

The other maps in this section show you the historical validity of these forecasts. Bear in mind it is currently impossible to determine daily highs and lows more than a week or two in advance, and many scientists say it never will be possible. The limits of weather forecasting capability exist because of complications such as the butterfly effect.

Another section on this Environment Canada website gives climate normals. This web page is one weather almanac Canada consultants and forecasters use for climate information. One very important indicator of long term weather prediction in some regions is the presence of El Niño or La Niña. The bottom of the page gives you opportunities to explore the effects of these large scale meteorological and oceanographic trends.

Here are some other things to try: First, go visit and enter your location for a 30-day weather (probability of precipitation) forecast, and secondly, visit and enter the name of your location in the correct space. Thirdly, give us your thoughts below.

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Use these instructions to access your Canadian long range weather forecast.

The Environment Canada national page provides provincial and city forecasts.

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