Canada is Too Cold.

by Sebbifer
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)



I usually check the ''weather network'', but usually in the winter you can expect the same thing: Cold, intense cold, snow. The long-term forcast is good for giving your self hope that their may be a warm day coming. Usually though checking the weather makes me sad becasue it just seems likes weeks and weeks of -15 C.

Canadian summer is too brief. I don't know why this place is inhabited, nor why I live here. Montreal is very cold. Vancouver is much more agreable. No 4 feet of snow for six months.
I am shocked still when it reaches -27. Outdoor birds, dogs, cats all survive this. (well some don't)

Barry's Response - Sebbifer: Be grateful you don't live in Winnipeg. It seems to occasionally have the coldest weather Canada sees anywhere.

Why do we care how cold it is in Canada, anyway? In general, people care about the cold temperatures in Canada for a lot of reasons, from practical concerns to personal interests:

- Canadians who live in Canada or plan to visit may be concerned about the cold temperatures because they need to prepare. At certain times of the year, people may need to dress in layers, invest in winter gear, or take precautions to avoid weather-related health risks.

- Due to its extreme temperatures and snowfall, the Canadian winter is often covered by news outlets around the world. Some people may be curious or worried about those affected by the weather, so they follow these stories.

- Many people are worried about how climate change will affect Canada's weather patterns and the severity of Canadian winters. People who care about climate issues might be interested in tracking temperature changes and weather conditions.

- Some people follow the weather in Canada for personal reasons, like winter sports or outdoor activities that require specific weather conditions.

Why do we have such a cold reputation?

Canada's cold climate is caused by its northern location, diverse topography, and the Arctic air masses that can move in during the winter.

Because Canada is a northern country with a high latitude, it's cold. Canada is Too Cold for some people. Most of Canada is above the 45th parallel, halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. Because of that, the country gets less direct sunlight and the rays that do reach the ground are more spread out.

The country is also known for its vast landmass and varied topography, including mountain ranges, plains, and lakes. Depending on the region, these features affect the country's climate. Due to the ocean's moderating effects, coastal regions have milder temperatures, whereas inland regions have more extreme fluctuations.

During the winter months, Arctic air masses can move southward into the populated regions of Canada, bringing freezing temperatures and snowfall. Cold air masses form over the Arctic region and are carried south by prevailing winds.

Cold, eh?

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by: Anonymous

I left Toronto Canada for LA California over 35 years ago. Last time I went back I got pneumonia. Haven't been back since. Nonetheless - I still miss the quality of the people and the culture.

From Barry - Hey Thanks. The prairies are even colder. Give THAT a try sometime. This picture is from Saskatchewan last century.

Always Too Cold
by: Anonymous

I have lived (and was born here) most of my life, and the one thing about this country, is it is just too cold most of the time, sure there are a few months (very few) we call summer, but overall, it is just a cold country.

From Barry - Many people can't enjoy the outdoors because of this. Even in summer, it can get chilly. Quite often, I long for a warmer climate.

Summer too short
by: ColdMontreal

Summer is too short. Winter is too long, too cold. Heating bills are BIG. Been living here all my life (50yrs). Anyone who disagrees, please prove me wrong. Plan to leave for something warmer when I retire from work.

Barry's Response - I think I know a snowman or two who might dispute your comments.

Antarctica, Siberia, Greenland
by: Barry

THOSE places are cold...

From Barry - They're much farther from the equator, so they're colder. In addition, they're mostly covered in snow and ice, which helps keep the temperature down (through a mechanism called Albedo).

Brutal cold -- the ultimate border patrol
by: Anonymous

I'd like to say, first, that I adore Canada and Canadians. The country is gorgeous, the people are polite and charming, and the government actually takes care of its people.

I'd move to Canada in a heartbeat, if only the climate were better. I can't even imagine living so close to the Arctic Circle and enduring such long, miserable winters.

I'm frightened by the thought of living in northern U.S. places such as Michigan, Minnesota, the northern New England states, or upstate New York. Well, Canada is north of all those places, colder and more severe.

From Barry - Some people find Canada's winters unbearable because they're so cold and long. Winter temperatures dip below zero in most places, and the snowfall can be intense, making it hard to travel or even leave the house.

Canada exceptionaly cold
by: buckmclean

Canada is much too cold for most people's tastes. I have lived here all my life, and travelled quite a bit. I believe most native Canadians don't realize that the vast majority of the world's population does not live in such a restrictive climate. They are simply unaware that the weather is much more comfortable almost everywhere else. This is a statistical fact, not just opinion. Winters are long and very extreme, summers are very short, and the spring and fall seasons are almost non existant most years. There is a very good reason why any retiree who can afford it will spend the winters in the warmer parts of the U.S. If I could find a way, I would as well.

From Barry - I get your perspective on Canada's climate. There's no doubt that Canada has long and extreme winters, short summers, and limited spring and fall seasons. Many other parts of the world have milder and more comfortable climates.

People's preferences for weather can vary depending on their experiences, cultural backgrounds, and tolerance for different climates. Some people may find Canada's climate too cold, but others appreciate the beauty of snowy winters and enjoy winter activities. It's also worth noting that people's climatic preferences can differ, so what may be comfortable for one person might not be for another. People think about climate when deciding where to live or retire.

Observing and comparing different climates around the world and appreciating the diversity of experiences is always interesting. We can learn about different environments and appreciate their unique characteristics by exploring and learning about them. We all have different climate preferences, and what one person finds uncomfortable, another may find perfect.

canadian ice
by: mubarak

Well, its quite amazing on having a glance on the article . It reveals that the summer is too short there and always remains cold and ice every where.
But it is the creators choice and we can't change it to hot climate. But there may be alternatives for controlling ourselves from that cold by having
woolen clothes and etc.

From Barry - It's because it's in a polar climate zone. Temperatures in some places are usually below freezing even in the warmest months, and they're even colder in the summer. In the cold weather, wearing warm clothes is the best way to stay comfortable, of course.

Canadian Winters
by: Anonymous

This article is poorly written and has spelling errors. It really doesn't say much more than the fact that winter is cold. Well, true. It has been for quite some time now. I don't think I would read anything else written here. If I was searching for information on Canadian winters I think I'd like a few more facts and not as much whining.

Barry's Response - Whaddya expect...tryin' to type with frozen fingers. We have some of the coldest and harshest winters in the world. The average winter temperature in Canada is -6.7 degrees Celsius and can get down to -40 degrees Celsius in some places. Snowmobiling and skiing are great winter activities in Canada.

Canada is Too Cold
by: Anonymous

Nice post. Yes Canada is too cold. Only some places in Europe are as cold or colder.

From Barry - Some parts of Canada have sub-zero temperatures for months on end in winter. Most of Europe has a milder climate, with warmer summers and milder winters. For people used to any milder climates, Canada can be a shock.

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