Change your car habits

by Abhimanyu Nath
(Missisauga, ON, Canada.)

Drive carefully and with environmental consciousness

Drive carefully and with environmental consciousness

Why not take drastic steps in reducing vehicle exhausts??

The government should implement a deadline in exchanging our cars for fuel-cell powered cars for a very small cost. And this drastic step should be taken ASAP, due to the melting polar caps.

The situation is way more serious than it looks like. If the cars from all around the world disappeared tomorrow, even then, the ice caps will keep melting for at least two more consequent years.

If we didn't stop our emissions, by two years the weather patterns would have changed immensely, and you never know when Canada becomes a hot desert and the Middle East becomes cold.

Besides, we are hardly concerned about the wide variety of flora and fauna. No regular citizen is aware about how many species have died over the years, ever since the industrial age had begun. Dramatic change in climatic conditions can throw us in the next page of the history of dinosaurs.

Hence we must act right now.

And "now" means at this point of time, this very second, lest, it'll be too late for us and there will soon be a no-point-of-return. No one wants to reach that stage in their life, do they?

After all everyone's concerned about the future of their offspring. How would it be like, losing your son and daughter to extreme UV radiation exposure or inhalation of ozone from smog?

We must act this second

...because it will take eons for the nature to repair itself and take down the carbon dioxide levels to normal, once we stop our emissions. Our smoke-emitting cars can be dismantled, recycled and made into something else.

Barry's Response Some food for thought here. Changing our transportation habits is a major way to improve our environmental footprint. Thanks, Abhimanyu.

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Hello Abhimanyu!
by: Rey Watson

I completely agree with your words. The government should apply a deadline in exchanging our cars for fuel-cell powered cars for a very small cost. We need to do something for the betterment of our environment. The amount of exhausts needed to be reduced.

Wonderful Article on Air Pollution
by: Sandeep

The information provided here is vital and important to everyone. Moreover everyone should be aware of this website, which is working towards public interest. I would like to search more topics on Environment and pollution from this website. I hope I would contribute myself to environmental protection from this website.

Good Thinking
by: vasanth

The comment is really good.the most interesting was the other mode of transportation through electronics. Its relay a bad time for our earth and we should act as soon as possible and its our duty also. the technology improved we are having fuel less vehicles we can make use of it and its our major duty to save our earth.

by: Jeff

I agree with the author of the article, if we don't make drastic changes now, we'll regret not making them in the future.

Other means of fuel?
by: rodrigo

Apparently it already possible to have cars that drive on electricity and hydrogen. The real question remains why are these not more available? You are definitely rising some good point here, mate.

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