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Changing Canadian Situation

by Kelly
(Yukon, Canada)

Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather

There are not many government observing stations left in our changing Canadian situation. I am a flight service specialist with NAV CANADA. NAV CANADA Flight Service Stations and Flight Information Centres provide represent a fair number of weather observation sites within Canada.

The weather equipment at these sites is second to none for the most part. The information you are presenting is not correct. Environment Canada - Meteorological Services of Canada in turn pays for the data that NAV CANADA Flight Service Stations and Flight Information centres as well as Community Aerodrome Radio Stations Observer/Communicators and contract weather observers as well as other sources. I see that you live in Calgary, Alberta. How is it that you don't know where weather observations come from in Canada?

Barry's Response - Thanks, Kelly, for the update on the changing Canadian situation. I guess I'm not a government insider like you. Here's more of what Nav Canada does.

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by: Anonymous

That was a rather incoherent letter by Kelly.
The centers 'provide represent' - what?
And the second paragraph is utterly devoid of meaning.

good article
by: Amber

this was very interesting, at first i thought this was going to be an article about all the bad things i did to make the air terrible, but turns out it's more about meteorology which is AweSOme. I think it'd be cool to find some radar info on the site and on the parts about air pollution, maybe you should have some more images, etc?

It's interesting
by: Elle

It took me a second to adjust to there not being any of the great pictures found in nature, at least as a heading. And I find it interesting that one of the facts is wrong, and you got called out, which makes me want to go hunt for other things that may not be correct, and the layout is pretty easy to do that.

An interesting read
by: rodrigo

Thanks for the article, it was very interesting.

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