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chemical contamination water and air

by Tijani Oladimeji
(Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

We would like all air and water to be this clean

We would like all air and water to be this clean

Can you please provide some detail on Environmental effects that come from various types of pollution in air and water? Please elaborate on air quality in countries suth as Japan, Nigeria or Ghana.

Barry's Response - Tijani:

Environmental quality, in the work that I do, is the concentrations of certain key polluting chemicals known to be prevalent in the environment.

1) A concentration is usually expressed in mass per cubic volume, such as µg/m3 in air, grams or moles per litre in water, or as a fractional content in either, using % or ppm.

2) The chemicals in question likely vary somewhat according to region and types of human activity encountered in the area. In my area we examine common components such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulphur Dioxide
(SO2), suspended particulate matter (such as dust) and many others on special occasionas for air. Water has its own list of chemicals to worry about.

3) Global issues are becoming increasingly important. The most well known of these is global warming and the greenhouse gases that have been attributed to that effect. The gases include Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), and three others that I don't recall. With these we are not as concerned about local concentrations as we are about total mass emissions, from which inventories are calculated and kept and countries use those statistics to trade emissions credits.

See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyoto_Protocol

Search this site for more information now.

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by: jade

Pollution in air and water are of so many types. It starts from the small littering with paper, food etc. to dumping chemical substances. The same goes with the air pollution too; the smoke we make is actually a kind of pollution.

Water Worry
by: akh

The quantity of fresh water available on earth is decreasing alarmingly each day. Human beings will have to cut back on their polluting activity before its too late.

Water pollution
by: george

Water pollution is a serious matter of today and you have provided an excellent idea in your article. Causes of this needs checking and it should be prevented. I would like more of such environment concerned articles from you.

Same okd Same old
by: Candice

This was rather boring and did not make me want to stay at this site. While I do care about the contamination on our air and water I think maybe you should have drawn your reader in for quickly. If I were to search this sight at all I would probably just scan through the blog.

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