Climate Change and China

by veeraputhiran

Low GHG transportation

Low GHG transportation

Hundreds of thousands of thirsty people are blaming climate change for their woes. It almost looks like a drought, and along with that has come warmer than usual weather.

Global warming? Possibly, according to meteorologist Qin Dahe and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

If China improves energy efficiency, as they have planned, they hope to reduce problems like this. Good luck to them. Most of us can support the president, Hu Jintao, in the notion that development and environmental awareness need to go hand-in-hand, with the economics taking the lead role, perhaps.

Is global warming to be blamed on the more developed nations? If you ask the foreign ministry spokes person for China, Jiang Yu, that would be YES. These countries have the power to change things, but keep in mind the GHG (that's green house gas) emissions from China cannot be ignored either.

Barry's Response - Some food for thought here. Both industry and consumers will need to participate in order for this to be effective.

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by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed reading this article. It is nice to hear that people are starting to care about the world. Nicely done.

fine article

the picture is almost attractive.the information provided in the article are valuable.

by: Ammu

First of all the picture is very suitable for this article. This informations are very usefull. thank you.

global warming: avoid luxury life let our next generation enjoy
by: antony john

picture is attractive. now peoples are going behind luxurious life, they forget about earth and upcoming global warming disasters. so work to avoid this. start loving environment from today

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