Climate Change is Inevitable and Includes Global Cooling

by Carl G. Looney
(Reno, NV)

The Human Journey across Time and Climate

The Human Journey across Time and Climate

For an intriguing account of the recent global warming alarm, go to (the defunct)

It details the alarms and fears in the 20th Century and provides the scientific truth in nontechnical terms (but there is a bit of technology for you engineers and scientists).

It also tells the history of climate changes from natural causes, discusses what controls our climate on Earth and in the newly discovered cycles of the Sun. It ties this to the emergence of humankind. Further, it shows how the changing climate has affected humans from hunter gatherer to animal herder to civilization.

There is no other place where you can get clear explanations of climate, both current and historical. Also, there is no source that provides a tale of the trails, climates, DNA changes, religion, and migrations of humans over the last millennia.

Barry's Response - A little perspective for open minds. Now all we need are open minds. I did have a chance to visit the site when it was alive, and there was some interesting reading on it.

It would have been a service to humanity to have this thing expand and survive. Looney is still professionally active as an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science & Engineering (at the University of Nevada in Reno) and consultant. He has made many significant posts to - Thank you.

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