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Willy is Wind-Chilly

Willy is Wind-Chilly

No idea...have been at 60 below and was cold, so let me know if colder.

Barry's Response - Well Mr. Clyde. It seems you have me beat. I live in Alberta. Not the mildest place in Canada. But by no means the coldest either.

The coldest I've experienced here is approximately 40 below in the capital city of Edmonton. Fahrenheit, Celsius, it does not matter. At that temperature they're exactly equal.

However, if you talk wind chill, Saskatchewan has us beat. Yeah!

I remember wind chills reported to be in excess of 4000 watts per square metre in Regina. That's well below -60 for a wind chill equivalent.

Come to the Canadian Prairies sometime. If you want a real adventure, book you winter vacation to the Arctic. Winter in these small cities way up north such as Yellowknife and Iqaluit will make you appreciate your own climate no matter where you are now.

So I hear...never been there myself. Not anxious to experience it either.

How do we determine Wind Chill values?

Scientists use a variety of algorithms to calculate wind chill index values, wind chill equivalent values and heat flux amounts. They commonly take the form of one factor roughly proportional to the wind speed multiplied by another factor which is somewhat proportional to the difference in temperature between a warm body and the air.

The details depend on whose formula you check. Wikipedia outlines some examples on this page.

The Canadian government outlines their conversions on the last table of this page:

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