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Darrell's Response

A penguin at the North Pole?

A penguin at the North Pole?

Although it has became a widely acccepted fact that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, Methane gas contributes more per ton to the greenhouse effect, and, it is not known how much methane is released into the atmosphere per year.

We know tons are released during volcanic events, but we are not sure how many of these events occur in any given decade. We know there are between 10-25 hot spots under the earth's mantle, most of which are in the oceans and seas. Not only that, but as the perma frost defrost many frozen pockets of methane are now being released.

It is not known how the reversal of the magnetic poles are going to affect our climate, but the magnetic north pole is marching to the south. Check this website for more information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_reversal

Climate change has always happened. We humans are only becoming aware that changes are occurring. How can we believe we are so in control that we alone can adversely affect the globe? Our activities may have escalated global climate change, but it has been happening since the birth of this planet.

Barry's Response - Good, Darrell. Just what we needed...another item (Magnetic shift) to consider when trying to sort the current climate trend. Frozen methane release helps complicate our situation too.

As for the other things that have been said to lead to climate change and global warming, atmospheric composition has received the most attention over the last 25 years and so has the idea of variations in solar activity, while the all-import Milankovitch cycles go somewhat unnoticed. Have a closer look at their effects.

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