destroyed life

by lexyanae
(new york)

Keep our animals alive

Keep our animals alive

People need to know how animals have lives too and that their home are polluted.

Barry's Response - What affects the animals? Chemicals? Sewage? Garbage? Bacteria from other deceased organisms? Metals? People?

How about All of the above - Whose eating the affected (but surviving) animals? Us. So we are really polluting ourselves.

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We get what we give
by: KOTO


As foolish as I may sound from time to time, this old man feels the urge to share his thoughts at present.

A dear, dear friend and sister Donna, just sent me some pictures with such proper captions. They made me even more aware of out past, present and (if tomorrow happens) future. So with a tear, I felt the need to share what this one old human (Me) KOTO thinks at this time in life, at 73.

As our tomorrows seem so uncertain and I hope I'm wrong, but the writing is all over our beautiful uncared for Earth.

Mother Earth is starting to stand up in anger because we haven't seen or listened to her for way too long.

We get what we give. Too bad so many of the people who haven't had a life yet must also suffer for what the adult humans in power have or haven't done. Shame on the humans that have taken it upon themselves to control our destiny, making our Heaven on Earth become Hell.

I feel that we are getting close to kissing our backsides goodbye and counting our blessings everyday, as our last days, could be closer then we think.

Make it right with our beautiful priceless Mother Earth now. Give back for the priceless years we were allowed to live and for all of you under 30, I'm so sorry you have had such a short un-lived life.

The odds are against us, but like I have heard all of my life, staring with my wonderful mother, it's never too late. So lets "All" do our part and do what is within our power to assist this (ONLY) place we have, Earth. Don't look towards the other side; look beneath our feet. Once this is gone, it's only hearsay what's beyond.

Do your best to leave only smiles examples and footprints behind. If there is an eye in the sky, Now is the time to show our stuff.

Random acts of kindness and giving back

We are all in this neighborhood together. We wish all inner-wealth, health, happiness and peace.

With Aloha,
The Pollution Solution Group
Gerry, aka KOTO (Keeper Of The Ocean)

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