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does air pollution cause asthma

by john

Bob?  Who're you callin' Bob?

Bob? Who're you callin' Bob?

yesw i do beleive it does because bob makes methane using baked beans

Barry's Response - I wonder how Homer does it.

On a more serious note...is there really a connection between certain atmospheric gases and asthma? The most well known example is pollutants released by vehicles. However some sources point to bacterial endotoxins as another contaminant of concern. On that note, airborne viruses (e.g., rhinovirus) may be a cause of concern.

What may be a bigger concern, though is things that weaken the immune system, so that asthma gets a better chance of setting in and affecting someone. This may even include an individuals thought patterns.

Cigarette smoke during early childhood is another often-mentioned cause of asthma. High concentrations of tropospheric ozone (O3) is another. Does air pollution cause asthma? So far it looks like it.

What about organic substances? There have been scientific papers pointing to a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This group includes a number of individual gaseous compounds and the effects of each is lesser-known.

Some researchers are quite adamant about carbon compounds in general, claiming that they cause asthma in proportions that shouldn't be ignored by policy makers. But rather than the common greenhouse gases themselves leading to this adverse health condition, they tend to direct us to the after-effects of climate change these gases supposed enhance. A warmer climate could lead to further changes in atmospheric composition (e.g., more ozone) which is a known culprit.


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by: Anonymous

yeah your not very helpful at all are you.... what a din !!!!!!

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