enrichment of mind of children

by azhar

Our future.

Our future.

Well this project is simply great. As children someday will have to research on the internet ..as if they weren't now..so in future they wont be having much difficulty and they surely be getting quick results in less time...

And children should be aware of all weather and should know how to overcome the harsh situations as well. This website will be helpful for the children who will be interested in science projects, and want some award or first prize :D

Barry's Response Yes, Azhar. I hope they will benefit from it. And our environment, too. Thanks for you input.

Ever since the world wide web came into practical existence in the 90's, kids have been using it in the classroom and other educational circumstances. It did take a while for teaching staff to learn the best and safest way to integrate this whole set of new tools into existing paradigms, but progress has been good.

Now they embrace the modern. Digital movie production, portable and mobile devices, podcasts, tablets, blogs, smart boards and all the associated media all hold a certain allure for all involved. It's all good, too.

It has sped up research, providing access to good (and bad stuff) for the kids to supplement their knowledge. Human adult guidance is now needed more than ever, and, fortunately, the providers know it. Current technology has enabled learning environments to customize to the needs of individual learners as well.

We should look forward to what these new generations become in the wake of the recent revolutions.

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