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Every indivitual can make a difference.

by justmesuzanne

Environment and fuel

Environment and fuel

The environmental problems that face us in the world today often seem overwhelming. Many people don't even try to do anything about conservation because they feel it is too big a task. It is important to remember that each person can and does make a difference.

By taking simple steps like recycling, not buying bottled water, keeping you car engine tuned or using public transportation or a bicycle, you are making a tremendous difference. You are not only working toward doing your share, you are setting an excellent example.

Barry's Response - The suggestions you put forth are sensible for a variety of reasons. Thanks Suzanne.

The USA has over 800 million parking spots (160 billion square feet) for cars. Imagine that. The spaces have a significant impact on the environment without the cars, even.

Canada is no better...they have recently placed in second place for being the worst in a GlobeScan (2009) environmental impact survey, largely because of our home heating requirements and high degree of vehicle usage.

If all the cars in the US got simply 3 miles per gallon better fuel mileage then they currently do, the country would use ONE MILLION barrels less oil each day. So much for so little.

An interesting survey taken way back in 1999 showed that people thought general goods manufacturing had the worst environmental impact followed by utilities, transportation, food production, and, in last place, packaging. The reality showed that packaging was the worst (bottles, litter etc.), then transportation and utilities. Manufacturing was not listed, but generally the order for reality was opposite (more or less) of the order for public perception. Time for some education, as it probably has not improved much since then.

Just some things to think about.

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