Every Litter Bit Hurts

(Jomtien, Thailand)

Plastic and jellyfish look the same, plastic kills

Plastic and jellyfish look the same, plastic kills

Yes, The voiceless are crying and dieing because of most of us doing nothing, to save them.

We are all in this neighborhood together, we need to Educate the unknowing and impose fines to the uncaring.

Our children, wildlife and natural waterways are being killed and contaminated and one of the main problems is that our storm drains and watercourses contain the end results of the things we leave behind. Things such as plastic, cigarette butts and other casual garbage. These are just a few of the things that can and do kill unknowing animals and kids and they play a part in contaminating all of our waterways.

We all need to start somewhere, be it big or small. Just start with cleaning up our neighborhoods. Get others involved; it becomes exercise and giving back at the same time. If we all took care of the space around us, then we would be able to go after the big polluters.

We need to walk the walk before we can talk the talk. Follow my act or start your own, one random act of kindness at a time. Visit
solution2pollution.blogspot.com/ for illustrations of cleanup efforts.

Settle in the Past, Engage in the Present, Prepare for the Future. The Life Of The People Is In Our Hearts And Shows in The Land. NOW Is The Only Time There Is. Health And Happiness To All.

Barry's Response - This is a real problem and thanks for pointing it out. See Google image results at this page.

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throwing waste
by: stella

I have noticed most the people just throw their waste in the sea, you know our animals and the fishes and even the birds are being vanished from the world day by day. This is all due to the pollution and waste disposal of the plastic.

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