Everything is going wrong

by winetou1984

Sudden Events

Sudden Events

we are causing the global warming, and it is destroying us. Slowly the summer will become winter, and vice-versa.. everything is going wrong!

Barry's Response - If you don't like it move to the other hemisphere.

Just kidding. We do expect to see changes, some radical, but many unpredictable. For most, we'll have to just wait and see.

Just what is expected from climate change? In Canada and the USA, we can start seeing less snow in our mountains as well as an increase in problems related to excessive heat, especially in cities.

In Central America, tropical forests can be phased out with grasslands in their wake. Water will be at a premium.

In European nations, the US government has predicted increased flooding and soil erosion. Like other parts of the world, glaciers will reduce in size. And food production will become more difficult.

Africa can expect water shortages, and, consequently food shortages even worse than they have seen in past decades.

Asia is also projected to undergo water shortages. Unless you live in an area where flooding will become more prevalent. These trends could take their toll on the human population over time.

Australia is expecting further temperature increases...one degree Celsius or more on average, time spent in drought conditions increasing significantly, greater fire hazard conditions, and increased likelihood of severe weather.

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Many individuals and groups are concerned about the effects of global warming on our planet and our future.

Globally, scientists, environmentalists, policymakers, and concerned citizens recognize the severity of the problem.

Science says human activities, like excessive burning and deforestation, are causing greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn are projected to cause the Earth's atmosphere to warm. Increasing temperatures are then expected to have far-reaching effects like rising sea levels, more frequent and severe extreme weather events, maybe even a loss of biodiversity, disruption of ecosystems and health risks.

Because global warming isn't just an environmental problem, it's also a societal and economic one. Food production, water resources, infrastructure, and economic stability are all at risk. Additionally, it exacerbates social inequalities by disproportionately affecting vulnerable populations.

Global warming is urgent because our actions today will determine what future generations inherit. Apparently, individuals and organizations are then motivated to take action when they realize global warming is real and its destructive potential, whether it's advocating for policy changes, adopting sustainable practices, supporting renewable energy, or doing community stuff.

Working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainability, and strive for a more resilient, equitable future can help channel this fear and concern into positive action.

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we will live
by: reji

every people in this planet needs to live peacefully, but some people destroy it. the image is really great. I want to know more about weather.

From Barry - The result is a loss of resources, habitat destruction, and environmental degradation. Conflict, poverty, and inequality can result from these activities. It's up to us to prevent such destruction and live in harmony with nature.

It's hard to achieve peace when there are wars, political instability, and religious fanaticism. Furthermore, some people don't value peace and will do whatever it takes to get what they want, regardless of the consequences.


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