Fantastic Film! Major Eye-opener

by Jay H.
(Los Angeles, CA)

Comparison of historic carbon dioxide levels and temperatures

Comparison of historic carbon dioxide levels and temperatures

The film, An Inconvenient Truth was an amazing eye-opener. I loved the film and have such a greater respect for Al Gore and his fight against global warming. Gore was able to represent the information in simple visual terms that the average consumer can understand and relate to. As a major skeptic, I still question some of the facts, figures and graphs that were produced, because numbers and data can always be manipulated to support any argument. However, I have no doubt that the end results will be the same, if not more disastrous.

One thing I loved about this movie was how it was able to tie everything together to show the relationship between our actions and its impact on the world and the environment. A person typically sees only what surrounds them and rarely beyond it. Who knew that one’s action could negatively impact another continent or the “invisible” barrier that protects us from the harmful sun. This movie helped provide a greater connection and increased responsibility for the planet we live on.

This is one film that has had a major impact on me and my way of life. Not having being serious about recycling, (because it was inconvenient), some of the changes I’ve made include setting up recycling bins in my home and workplace, “upgrading” my gas-guzzling sports car to a fuel-economic hybrid and participating in monthly community clean-ups. I know I can’t save the world, but I will certainly do what I can to not accelerate its downfall.

If you enjoyed watching An Inconvenient Truth, I’d recommend also checking out “Who Killed the Electric Car” produced by Sony, or another Michael Moore documentary, “Sicko”.

Barry's Response - Thanks Jay: It's good to do research. Presentations of data are good. It's better in the long run if we have more people analyzing and interpreting data. We'll eventually find the right answer.

Search this site for more information now.

Well, my dear friend, it's truly heartening to hear your thoughts about "An Inconvenient Truth."

As someone who has always been a proponent of scientific inquiry and learning, I can't help but applaud any effort that sheds light on critical issues facing our world.

You're right to be skeptical about any presentation of facts and figures. Questioning and scrutinizing data is a fundamental part of science. That's how we learn. Even with some reservations about the specifics, we should all take to heart the overarching message about addressing environmental concerns.

We're so interconnected with the world around us. "An Inconvenient Truth" illustrates how our choices have far-reaching consequences. We all share this planet, and it's our collective responsibility to take care of it.

Your commitment to change, like recycling bins and a hybrid, is commendable. Each small action, multiplied across a community or country, can make a big difference. I've always believed that individual actions, driven by shared responsibility, can make a difference.

I'll check out the other documentaries you recommended. We need to keep educating ourselves and having meaningful conversations about the challenges our world faces. As I've said before, "Knowledge always pays off."

Keep up the good work, buddy. The power of informed and conscientious citizens is evident in your commitment to sustainability.

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global environment.
by: Anonymous

It is a very interesting site which makes us feel very happy and inspires us to see it again and again.

From Barry - I'm glad you find the site inspiring and engaging! It's great when online experiences leave a positive impression and get people coming back. There's a lot of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment on the internet. It's fun and enlightening to explore diverse content. Continue your online journey with curiosity and enthusiasm!

by: Anonymous

It is even more interesting to see the data that has been presented and that people are not willing to search for it and just believe in the media. Very interesting. Makes me want to see the film even more.

From Barry - Data presented here is compelling and gives us an unbiased view of the facts, which isn't always the case with media coverage. Rather than just relying on what the media says, we can make an informed decision about the film.

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