Film raised some questions

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

In this documentary, Al Gore raised some questions that I have yet to receive an adequate answer. In particular, as someone who lives in New York City, I was wondering if the map of the city going under water was a post 9/11 scare tactic or based on fact. So far, our local officials treat this scenario as science fiction.

Overall though the film did present a credible case for why we need to take care of our planet.

Barry's Response - Google Earth or a topographical map shows that the outer fringes of Manhattan, the two or more city blocks closest to the water on all sides, are at low elevations. This portion of the ground would be submerged if sea levels rose 20 feet, according to alarmists.

What is the likelihood of this 20 foot sea level rise? This one we can only speculate about. It's happened before.

Search this site for more information now.

This next bit emphasizes the importance of critical thinking when it comes to issues like climate change and acknowledges the need to separate truth from scare tactics.

I have to commend you for questioning the information in Al Gore's documentary.

It's important to have a critical mind when it comes to these things. Regarding the map of New York City going underwater, you're right to be skeptical. Some climate change claims are exaggerated, and it's not uncommon for alarmist claims to be made.

This tactic has been used before to push a particular agenda. In the 1970s, there were dire predictions of a coming ice age. That didn't happen. Therefore, it's important to separate real concerns about the environment from scare tactics used by some politicians.

Having said that, I agree with you that we should take care of the planet. We all want clean air and water, so let's work together. Activists' solutions can, however, have big economic consequences and infringe on personal freedoms. Our way of life shouldn't be sacrificed to address environmental concerns.

I encourage everyone to have a thoughtful and fact-based discussion about climate change and the best way forward.

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Move to higher groung
by: Da 5th Street Boss

Everyone knows Al Gore is a fool. The has gone through many hot and cold periods in her billion plus year history.
Didn't Al Gore also claim to have invented the internet?
Didn't Al Gore also claim to be president?
But who knows maybe he will get something right.

From Barry - Human activity causes global warming, don't you know. We need to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet now, he says. It's time for a change. As a matter of fact, it's too late.

People may argue that global warming isn't real or that human activity doesn't cause it. They might say global temperatures haven't risen, ice caps haven't melted, and weather patterns haven't changed.

Who's right? Who's left?

by: Anonymous

Very interesting! I did not know about this film. I can not believe that someone would say that New York City is going under water after 9/11 and scare people. That is so frustrating. I just can't believe it.

From Barry - It has its firm believers...maybe of this sort:

We're gonna take you on a ride! Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" is about climate change. It's not about 9/11 or scare tactics, but it's an eye-opener about environmental issues. You'll see a different kind of "inconvenient truth" - climate change's impact on our planet.

er, um.. OK
by: dan

What? A 20' rise in sea level means more land lost then just 20' in. If the rate of rise is 1" per foot, you're looking at 200' lost.

From Barry - 🌊 Let's get some fancy water wings for our houses if sea levels rise 1" per foot! Imagine the beachfront condos being underwater - talk about a unique real estate market! But let's hope science keeps us afloat with a good laugh along the way! 😄

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