funnel cloud

by Jeffrey Walton
( Heartland New Brunswick Canada)

A storm-a brewin'

A storm-a brewin'

Funnel cloud north of Woodstock New Brunswick.

Barry's Response - Lovely Hartland. Never been there myself...maybe someday. You will find it on the St. John River in the western part of the province of New Brunswick. It is peaceful and has a population of nearly 1000.

Woodstock, with over 5000 people, is in the same county (Carleton, just west of the Capital city of Fredericton), about a half-hour south of Hartland.

Funnel clouds and tornadoes do happen in New Brunswick quite regularly, however they normally occur later in the summer than the submission date for this photo (June 2, 2013) would suggest. Some purportedly took place on the other side of Fredericton that July for instance.

What's the weather like in New Brunswick?

Like most of Canada, New Brunswick has four distinct seasons. Late summer and fall is really nice - check out the colours there if you get a chance.

Winters are snowy (compared to Alberta). See, especially, the record snow amounts they've had in Feb to March 2015. There has been enough to bury houses and cars.

Due to its geography and climate, New Brunswick gets relatively few tornadoes. Tornadoes form when warm and moist air interacts with cooler air, wind patterns, and other factors. Even though these conditions can happen in New Brunswick, they aren't as common as in tornado-prone areas.

Each year, New Brunswick gets a few tornadoes. Tornadoes can vary a lot from year to year, though, and tornadoes in the region tend to be relatively weak.

Even when tornadoes are infrequent, they still pose a significant risk to people and property. People in affected areas should stay informed about weather conditions and have a plan if severe weather hits, including tornadoes.

Anyways, thanks for the picture, Jeffrey.

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