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Advice for greater clarity

Advice for greater clarity

Yeah, metric conversions are fine... and the English system of measurement is fine too. There's poetry in walking 500 miles to be with someone, less so in walking 1000+ kilometers to be with someone, even if they get your temperature up to 100 degrees celsius or so.

This page, though, waffles! The first five paragraphs seem written for search engine spiders, not for people. Do you want to give me some help with some quick tips for making metric to imperial conversions on the fly? Then put them in the first paragraph, put them above the comments section!

As it stands, this page is far from user-friendly. I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the good stuff, and even then it's hard to see or implement. Perhaps a TABLE might make it more human-friendly. As it stands, it's INEFFICIENT. And that's one thing I use math for: a basic metric to determine how efficient something is in my life.

This page? Not so much. I strongly suggest using a modern design-- this page seems like a relic from 1995-- and paying attention to best practices in user-friendly design and usability. Just a thought.

Barry's Response - Several thoughts, indeed. Usability is something that all-too-easily slips through the cracks. We shall revisit that one and thanks for your guidance.

In the meantime, I recommend you give this website, www.onlineconversion.com a visit. It gives you a comprehensive list of conversions amongst English, metric and other international units for almost any dimension (which you pick on the homepage.) It's not trivial to use, but it's worth it.

Search this site for more information now.

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