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Global warming and what we can do to stop it

by Pooja

Can we stop this?

Can we stop this?

Water bodies like oceans and seas, the air and the climate of the earth are intricately connected to one another. Any effect on any one of them will surely affect the others sooner or later. It thus follows that geography, geology, oceanography and meteorology are also invariably linked to each other.

These sciences use satellites and imagery to track any changes in ocean currents and climatic changes. Satellite imagery is extremely helpful to track the movement of wind and see how factors like El Nino affect world climate. It also shows us how global warming is affecting our earth, by checking rise in sea levels and changes in the ice levels across the world.

Global warming is being accelerated because of an increase in industrial activity. More economic development has only served to destroy the earth's delicate natural balance. Global warming especially is being seen to change the ocean current patterns which are vital to life surviving on earth.

All of us have a responsibility to stop global warming as much as we can. As individuals, we can do things like saving water, saving electricity, reducing our carbon footprint by using less gas and petrol, using less furniture, living in smaller homes, and trying to conserve, reduce, reuse and recycle all that we possibly can as much as possible. That is the only way we can save our earth.

Barry's Response - Yes, Pooja, we certainly have been known to play our part. We shall do so again, and this time the effects will be more positive. Can we stop air pollution? Ultimately, yes.

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