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This first group of earth science articles shows what concepts from Geography and Geology have had anything to do with weather. Concepts, technologies and such.

Earth Science Articles

Integration Meteorology and Plate Tectonics
- What does movement of the fragments on the earth's surface have to do with the air? Well if the plates slowly change flow patterns in the ocean water, that could in turn affect the flow patterns in the air above.

We also know volcanic eruptions, resulting from plate movement, changes the weather suddenly and dramatically. There may be records of patterns that suggest these kinds of links have existed through geological history as well.

See the Stuff in the air article on ancient climates as well as the one on Milankovitch Cycles for more about the past.

House Picture Satellite - Before Google Earth and similar services came along, the U.S. Geological Survey enabled net users to view their house and neighborhood on satellite photos. It was quite a historic event. The earth science articles on satellite technology go into the technical issues surrounding that kind of capability, or at least the technology used at that point in time.

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Man Made Weather  
I don't think that idea has actually been proven at all. Just another reason to give us people who have no way of testing these "ideas" given by certain …

An air- raising affair 
We are all aware about the drastic changes in climate over the years. And to top it up, frequent catastrophes like Tsunami, Earthquakes etc. etc. These …

Global Warming Questions 
I Have a list of global warming questions: 1. What are your thoughts on global warming? Does it exist? How serious do you think it is? 2. What …

World Ocean Sea and river Not rated yet
An overview regarding the ocean, sea and river. Such a beautiful view to see the world covered with water fully. But recently the water part of certain …

Global warming and what we can do to stop it Not rated yet
Water bodies like oceans and seas, the air and the climate of the earth are intricately connected to one another. Any effect on any one of them will surely …

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Natural Resource of Canada - Industry affects our environment, as we all know. This article examines the mining industries, their interactions with the environment and what role a good environment consulting company will play in making things better. As expected, we show that we care about the air.

Other Geological influences on Meteorology - Here is the article that goes into greater depth of volcanoes an their effects on weather, including some examples from history.

Earth science articles about...

...our earth, the Weather and Water. Ecosystem fresh water - This page gives a big picture of environmental site remediation and links to related earth science articles. Find out from this pollution article what role hydrogeologists can play in environmental work. Many things change the quality of watercourses and industry does not want to be one of them anymore.

Grams per Liter - Here we have one the articles on fundamental science concepts which apply to several disciplines. This one is about determining the density of things and comparing them to common household substances. We easily apply the concept to air quality regulations or dispersion modeling, because concentrations are also expressed in grams per litre.

Meteorology for kids - In this introductory weather article we brainstorm a few ideas for teachers. A bit of basic science found in these articles will also refresh adult minds who may have forgotten a few of the concepts over the years. A description of a simple lab demonstration is included as well.

Inversion Temperature - The air temperature goes down as you climb higher into the atmosphere, right? Well, not always. An inversion is what we call an exception to this general rule. Just one of the unique features of our wonderful world.

Solution Global Warming - What discussion of the plight of our planet would be complete without some reference to global warming. You probably already know quite a bit about the subject. The earth science articles in this extensive series will hit those highlights and show you some new stuff, for sure.

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