Global Warming Fears

by Janine

All the ice you need

All the ice you need

Global warming is a serious issue. However, it is valid to point out that the Earth does go in cycles. The reason for the first Ice Age is because the Earth had heated causing an incredible amount of fresh water into the ocean that stopped the currents. Hence, the Earth cooled down. But, what we are doing right now is speeding up that process which I believe we are.

First impressions...this is a site with lots of great information but the design feels outdated. I also do not like the Google Ads being so close to the content. It makes it difficult to read.

Barry's Response - Even if accelerated, it is still a part of a natural cycle.

So is it speeding up by any chance? It depends who you ask. At one point not too long the IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, estimate that the sea levels would rise by seven to 23 inches by the end of the 21st Century in addition to the estimated eight inches estimated to have already occurred.

Sea levels would be a good indicator of cumulative global warming as the higher temperatures and heat values would manifest itself in a lower proportion of the earth's water contained in ice cover, with the balance filling the ocean basin.

More recent estimates figure that Antarctica and Greenlandr contain and would release more liquid water than previously estimated. The water level could then rise by up to 6 feet instead. And more than double that amount if the entire West Antarctica Ice Sheet were to melt.

Thanks for your thoughts, Janine.

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