global warming - its all propaganda!!!

by sara

Al Gore photo from linked page below

Al Gore photo from linked page below

Here are some websites that show global warming is not really happening. check out 'the great global warming swindle' it's quite cool!

Barry's Response - Yes, Sara. I have recommend The Great Global Warming Swindle several times on this website. Kudos to Martin Durkin for producing it.

There must be some truth to the global warming theory or else it would not exist. Similarly, there are many debunking it, and with good reason too. It has been applied to excess.

So shall we all be skeptical of the global warming theory put forth by many in the scientific community the way William Gray does? The film referred to above and Gray have stated that scientists continue to claim global warming because that's where the research funding lies.

He posits that "We're brainwashing our children", that we need to learn how to forecast weather before we try predicting climate. Also that while humans have had a contribution, it's not very significant, nor shall the effects be permanent. We've seen similar scares in the past (nuclear winter, global cooling in the 70's).

If Gray's forecasts are correct, we should have seen an end to the global warming trend by now. Have we?

See both The Great Global Warming Swindle and
An Inconvenient Truth if you have not already; this pair serves as a solid primer on the subject and its history.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

Hahaha, for billions of years of existence it seems awfully hard to believe fifty years of real data is useful. Some of these studies include sparse data from the industrial revolution such as day to day temperatures - when today we can have continuous data! It's funny to me that first and foremost nobody can account for the climate cycle that takes many thousands of years to complete or the fact that the sun has cyles (of which this most recent one has put out 40% more energy - enough to be your global warming right there). Trust me, we didn't do ANYTHING to litter up the sun!

Here's a fun question I have for people with respect to global warming - What is the number one green house gas? Water vapor, that's right. Not carbon dioxide or any of that crap. And guess what these 'safe' hydrogen cars and all that will release? That's right, its not a real solution.

I Agree!
by: T. Owens

Global warming is a bunch of lies spread upon the world in the matter of ten years. Just as Al Gore invented the internet, he invented global warming. These studies have no back dated research. Talking to my grandfather, a firm believer in crop gods, these temperatures in the summer and winter, are the exact same as when he was a teenager in the 20's in the Mid-west. The earth has cycles, just like the cycle of life, for all we know this might be the heat wave that kills off the abundance of insects. Until we have over ten years of research with a hundred years of data, this climate change stuff is just boloney.

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