Global Warming means

by sara bhattarai

Trend data as presented by NASA

Trend data as presented by NASA

What is global warming? Approximately a century's worth of data showing an upward trend in temperatures. Almost a degree centigrade. Some feel its effects are astounding, and that we are at our warmest in about a millennium.

Temperature increases have occurred more suddenly than at any time in the past as well.

Barry's Response - It's true we have
detected these changes recently and more frequently than ever before. Highest temperatures and increased frequency and severity of happenstance circumstances have occurred over the most recent decades.

Scientists are still working on determining whether those changes are detected simply because we have become better at detecting them. THAT remains an issue.

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This is exactly parroting Al Gore's nonscience.

First, it has been warmer many times in the last 1,000 years. Around 1,000-1100 AD figs grew in Germany and grapes in England and the great cathedrals were built and the Crusades launched due to much warmer climate in Europe. The 1800s were much cooler than the 1900s, but of the 1900s the 1920s and 1930s had the 6 hottest years ever recorded by humans. This caused the "dust bowl" in the Midwest and caused great migrations to the West Coast.

While Al Gore says each year is the hottest ever recorded, we know that ice is increasing in the central parts of Greenland and Antarctica while the warmed oceans (from the 1900s) are still
melting the fringe areas of those regions. The temperatures in antarctic have been declining as the Earth's tilt is decreasing to provide more radiation on the Equatorial Zone and less on the Polar Zones. All indications are that as the warmed oceans cool by evaporation (causing flooding), the Temperate and Polar Zones will cool and the Equatorial Zone will warm.

CO2 is an extremely weak warming gas at 388 parts per million, which water vapor is much stronger and is at 22,000 ppm.But even that is dwarfed by the oceans, which absorb, retain, and give off by evaporation when H2O molecules absorb light (mostly but some infrared) and their kinetic motion increases enough escape the surface tension of water.

If you don't know these things, as well as the Wolf-Heisenberg cycles, and the effects of Jupiter's elliptical orbit (via gravity) on the Sun, and the Suns lesser orbit about the center of gravity of the solar system, and its effect on the hydrogen nuclear fusion of the Sun's core, then you should not be repeating the nonsense of a politician whose investments and position as Director of Generation Investments in London (run by Goldman Sachs), then perhaps you should express your thoughts about some field in which you have studied rigorously. I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

Barry's Response - Quite a mouthful. You certainly have given some
food for thought. Thanks for this.

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