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Harmful Chemical Reaction

Harmful Chemical Reaction

It is a serious stuff, but I am very sure it is not going to remain the same. Are we are going to plan better for our future? Yes! Why not try the preventative measures?

The real cause of global warming is the gas, carbon dioxide, as well as other gases such as methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and hydrochlorofluorocarbons when used in excess. The measures to be adopted are servicing of refrigerators and automobiles, proper disposal of wastes from the environment and using a minimum amount of electricity.

Let's join hands in controlling the terrible guy, global warming. Bye! hope to see you all my brothers and sisters, very soon.

Barry's Response - Good idea, Cappy. How 'bout we solve this together.

That's quite a mouthful, bye the way. These man-made chemicals, which gained peak use in the 70's, have seen great reductions since the Montreal Protocol in 1987. The problem is in control, but it's not over.

We, as consumers can still use CFC-free stuff, cups, sprays etc. We can get them easily now. We can dispose of used appliances properly at a facility which handles the remaining gases in an environmentally responsible fashion.

We have seen our manufacturers reduce the use of these and other CFCs such as carbon tetrachloride, halons, methyl bromide etc. We're even switching to alternative methods for medical inhalers.

While the initial response was to switch to HCFCs, which are a bit safer, we're also learning to do without those. Good on us.

Good for the stratospheric ozone layer as well. Have a look at this primer on the ozone layer. There might be a few facts you haven't seen yet.

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