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by Eshwar

Hi.  How are you Today?  Good.

Hi. How are you Today? Good.

Inconvenient truth- The name itself has a difference and yes, the movie does. I personally liked it very much and would recommend people around me to have a look.

The current world may be facing some sort of destruction and it must be saved in some means. To sort out a real life situation and to get a solution for it is a great thing always. And it proves!

People, at least after watching such movies must be concerned about the world in which we live. World is where we live, we love and we die. So its "we (the people)" who got to save it. I'll really do my bit.

Barry's Response - Enlightenment! That's what it amounted to. People who did not know anything about these issues beforehand now do. And they can push to get something done about it. Good for them and thank you Eshwar.

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by: parvathymenon

it's good article.

Interesting comments shadowed by errors
by: Jeri

While I am interested in your theories and believe global warming is a serious issue, your page had too many errors and inconsistencies to allow your views to be understood. The picture at the top of Johnny Depp was particularly jarring. It also is evident that English is not your first language. If your intent is to have the language flow, it needs to be edited.

by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed the movie also and it affects people to do good things.

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