greenhouse effect

by fashion marie
(jefferson city, mo. US)

Reducing the Greenhouse Effect (?)

Reducing the Greenhouse Effect (?)

Depending on our choices, scientists have predicted that the earth could eventually warm up to as little as 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit or maybe even rise to a warmer temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

A possible solution to the greenhouse effect would be to distribute solar powered homes along with solar powered vehicles. And in that case it would not only be very ecological but also very good in financial situations.

Barry's Response - Thanks FM; I think you mean that the temperature is expected to rise by those amounts you indicated. When it comes to solutions, if indeed one is possible, every little bit should help. Going solar will help a bit, efficient transportation will help a bit, careful industry will help a bit.

How much will it amount to in the end? That remains to be seen.

Will it make any difference? Will it even be needed? Maybe global warming is something that will halt and turn around on its own. Maybe we'd like that and maybe we won't.

Maybe solar is our way out of a lot of environmental problems. It definitely has the potential to reduce our dependence on these so-called fossil fuels.

With industrialization over a hundred years ago, our ancestors figured out how to create machines and processes that spew this stuff out into the environment; I'm sure we can figure out ways to put that to an end. Solar's clean and renewable; the equipment is getting easier to use all the time; you only pay for it once; there's lots of space for them, on the rooftops. The reindeer won't mind.

BUT - it will need to be supplemented with other energy sources, especially at night and during gloomy weather, panels and their energy conversion is not perfected yet. We'll sort it out.

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