grow up

by unknown
(noble, oklahoma u.s.a)

The sharing of ideas

The sharing of ideas

That is to all the people commenting on this. Yes it's not good to do this to our earth but how is it affecting you at all?

I honestly think you people need to get off your moral high-horses and worry about helping the thousands of homeless people in this world rather then worrying about some people putting a few pieces of trash in the water. So, I repeat, grow up.

Barry's Response - It's all about perspective, you say? As individuals and as a society in general, we work on multiple levels at once.

We have our "first-responders" who take care of acute needs of the world - take the 2010 Haiti earthquake or the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami for instance. We also need our strategic planners, and though the obvious choices appear to be the scientists and politicians, with respect to environmental issues, public input is very much desired as well.

I take it as such. Your opinion matters as well.

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thank you "growing up"
by: Anonymous


by: Growup?

It is affecting us all, our reefs are dying, raising carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere; if you were to round up all the plastic in the ocean, you could create an entire continent and stand on it.

Instead of judging the people that are worrying about this, why don't you just die. Since you are not apart of this world and you do not breathe any of our oxygen, none of this should affect you. It's fascinating how you think it's immature to take care of our earth.

Growing up
by: KOTO

Hello unknown:

What part are you playing here on earth? Are you helping to feed or help the poor or helping mother nature?

It takes nothing to talk; walking the walk can make a difference. Look in the mirror before throwing stones. Or are you like most and just complain while doing nothing?

Grow up, reach out and do one random act of kindness at a time, make a difference, not problems.

Take care KOTO

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