Hate is a strong word, but there are many inconsistencies that are being ignored.

by kendra

A step in the right direction

A step in the right direction

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth has more fictitious numbers, charts, graphs, etc. than the movie and Al Gore himself would like you to believe. Although nature, wildlife, and the earth as a whole should be cherished and taken care of, experts are disagreeing with Gore.

Numerous experts in the fields of climate study, geology, natural science, and history have noticed inconsistencies with Al Gore's message and his given data. The graph used in this movie does not provide accurate data, and the interpretation of the graph is completely arbitrary. The graph used to "prove" global warming is actually a reduced size, misinterpreted, piece of data.

Global warming and cooling are both natural processes of the earth. I am not so conceited as to believe that humans are the cause of it. When honest professors whom I know personally provide data that shows evidence of the earth's atmosphere being even hotter than now thousands of years ago, I am not going to dismiss their studies.

Al Gore is not a climatologist, nor are his methods based on the scientific method. I believe that using unbiased research is an essential part of educating ourselves.

I saw a newspaper clipping from years ago that warned of earth's impending doom. In this article, it stated that the earth was in a period of crucial climate change, so people became afraid of this impending doom. This clipping from the early 1900s stated that Global Cooling was occuring, and used fear mongering to persude people to "jump on the bandwagon".

Now in present day, we are being told that Global Warming is occuring, so we better unite under one global government to evade this problem. Hmm. You know, humans have chopped down vast forrests, murdered innocent animals, and stripped earth's natural resources for the monetary gain of the elite. People are dying in a war over oil control. Children are dying.

Please, understand the issues that you support. Research, educate yourself, and share knowledge with anyone and everyone. We're all in this together, so let's start researching alternative energy sources for the right reasons! There is enough energy within the earth itself to power a technologically advanced world for at least 300 years!

Barry's Response - It's okay to get a little off the wall sometimes. At least somebody's trying to do something about perceived problems and raise public awareness. Good on them.

Real scientists will come along and fill in the holes eventually, but thank Gore he got the ball rolling. And thanks to you, Kendra, for your input on this.

Search this site for more information now.

Now that I think about it,

I can agree with your message about scientific research and critical thinking being rigorous and unbiased.

Considering rational emphasis on facts and evidence-based decision-making, we might appreciate the call for skepticism and a careful examination of data and interpretations. My interest in energy policy also aligns with the idea of exploring alternative energy sources to address environmental concerns and reduce dependence on non-renewable resources.

Let the public make the practical choices.

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Peopel hear what we say, but see what we do, and seeing is believing
by: KOTO One of the keepers of the ocean

Aloha Kendra:

Gore or no Gore, we are killing ourselves just in the way we contaminate all of our natural waters. This could take us down before anything else, except war. Careless people contaminate our main source of survival and we might run out of drinkable water and good seafood.

We all need to wake up and take a good look at what we are doing to systems that carry urban rain water back to the water cycle. And even in rural areas that don't have Storm Drains, prople still flush the wrong stuff down domestic drains. We need public awareness and enforcement of environmental laws to control all that are killing us in this way.

People like Barry, you and I need to get off our back side and make some noise, shake some trees, state our case, and talk at schools. Smokers are one of the main problems, flicking their butts everywhere and treating the nearest storm drain as a garbage can. Too many people leave trash behind and that ends up in storm drains after the wind blows or it rains.

Mother Nature can't keep up with the rotten apples in the worlds basket. And people: don't just talk the talk, walk the walk and move mountains, not words.

We all live together. When a Voice is Heard, Action is Seen, and both make the difference. Be that Voice and Set Examples.

From Barry - Pollutants like sewage runoff, fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals can contaminate our water sources without proper stewardship. Pollutants like these can have serious health consequences, including cancer and ecosystem destruction.

We're not only polluting the immediate area, but also contaminating nearby water sources by leaving trash behind. Trash left in storm drains can also enter rivers and oceans, causing further damage to marine life. We can take responsibility for our actions to help make sure our environment remains clean and healthy.

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