Storm Drains Carry All Of Our Life's Blood

by Gerry Rasmus

Maybe I can hide from all your trash...

Maybe I can hide from all your trash...


Way too many people have no idea what a storm drain is for... The only purpose for storm drains is to take the rain water away from out homes, shopping centers, roads, to prevent flooding. Storm drains empty into creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and ocean.

Many people, due to lack on knowledge or lack of care, are contaminating all of our natural waterways, making our drinking water contaminated and not fit to drink by contaminating all waters that fish live in while killing many or even making us sick when we eat them. Storm drains carry our life's blood (Water).

We all need to educate the unknowing, fine the "I don't care's", stencil heavy foot traffic areas with storm drains...

We all need to take an active part. Once our life's blood is all contaminated (AND IT IS GETTING CLOSE), we might as well kiss our back side good-bye...

Talk to City Hall, Local Radio and TV Stations, News Papers. We are all in this neighborhood together. "The Life of the People Shows in the Land" - NOW Is the only time there is. Carpe Diem.

Barry's Response - Yes our water is important for sure. Maybe we should start a website called as well. Thank you for your concern, Gerry.

Search this site for more information now.

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Spelling correction on Storm Drains
by: Gerry aka KOTO


Just a correction: Many people, due to the lack on knowledge or care, are contaminating our natural waterways. Please find more information on

Health and Happiness to all...

Mahalo Barry for this door that you have opened for all. Through you, we can all make a difference.

Barry's Response - Glad to be of service. See photos and videos of Gerry and his team at the link above.

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