Hated It.

by Josh

What is Al Gore full of?

What is Al Gore full of?

Where are the facts? Honestly after all is said it's all speculation. I also really don't enjoy some rich holier-than-thou telling me how to live my life and how I ruined the environment. It's offensive! Also on the subject of entertainment... where is the entertainment? This was all very long winded and no action at all.

Look, if you are going to insult me, whilst you fly around on a private jet and use more energy in your house than my entire town you can go right ahead and eat it! I would neither recommend this nor see it again. I am not a democrat or republican, so there is no agenda here. Lets just all live out our lives? Please?

Barry's Response - Right, Josh. Not exactly a case of leading by example, is it?

Search this site for more information now.

While discussions about the environment can involve speculation, there's a substantial body of scientific evidence supporting climate change concerns.

When addressing these issues, it's important to look at data and research.

Now I understand your frustration with rich people telling us how to live. When it comes across as holier-than-thou, it can be offensive. It's not about who says it, it's about the validity of the message.

I get it - this conversation may seem long. It takes time to tackle complex issues, and it's crucial to examine the facts thoroughly.

Now, when it comes to private jets and energy consumption, that's a fair point. Both sides are hypocrites. Let's not forget, the focus should be on the issues themselves, not personal attacks.

I appreciate you calling us all to live peacefully. I don't have a political agenda, but I think it's important to keep these discussions civil. Let's keep having respectful conversations about the challenges we face.

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by: Heather

You are just picking a fight for the sake of fighting... if you don't know where the facts are you didn't watch closely did you. And as far as it not being entertaining enough for you, it was a documentary not a blockbuster action flick... you sound like a great example of our short attention span, me me me society.

From Barry - Factual documentaries aren't as engaging to people today because they're used to watching sensationalistic stuff. Not to entertain, but to educate and inform people about the topics they cover. However, it's not unreasonable to expect a documentary to be entertaining.

by: Anonymous

Very interesting to hear both sides of the story. I think I want to see the movie more to see what you mean. I think I have to see for myself.

From Barry - Climate change issues can be better understood by watching the movie. It gives you insight into both the scientific evidence and the socio-political context of the debate. Additionally, it's a chance to get an independent perspective.

by: Anonymous

(Its offensive! Also on the subject of entertainment... where is the entertainment? This was all very long winded and no action at all.)

You really thought you would actully see any form of entertainment? Its a documentery!! You rarly see any action on documenteries!!

PS. do you go to movies only to see action?

From Barry - Documentaries don't have a lot of action, but that doesn't mean they can't be entertaining. There's a lot we can learn from documentaries, and they can give us a glimpse into different cultures and worlds.

Documentaries are great for learning about real people and real events. Also, they can make us think differently about the world and challenge our beliefs.

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