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How do plants grow in different conditions

by Katie

Plant growth experiment

Plant growth experiment

For my elementary school (fourth grade) science fair, I did an experiment about plant growth. I took baby spider plants, cut from one adult plant, and subjected them to different conditions. One grew in water, another in water with a little bit of sugar, another in water with more sugar, and one in salt water. The latter two died. The one in a lot of sugar grew mold. The first did OK and was the control. The plant with a little sugar in its water grew better.

The project went well. I was happy to see how sugar and salt affected plant growth. I really enjoyed seeing my peers' projects at the fair. I would definitely do it again. In fact, I pursued research in college and enjoyed sharing that with my peers!

Barry's Response - Kind of reflects how our diets affect our own health, doesn't it? I wonder what your later research projects were about. Thanks for your input, Katie.

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by: Vaxc

Each plant has its own characteristics and has its own differences, it would be much easier for the people to know about all these as much as possible. The difference in vegetation, climate and humidity affects it a lot.

by: cute

wow it was a nice exparement for you hope you enjoyed it

Good work!
by: sujatha

The picture accompanying the article is simple enough.
It was great reading about the scientific mind of the girl who is willing to try experiments on her own to find out things which are taught in school.
This article is relevant to this page as it deals with scientific experiment.
I would like to know more about some simple experiments conducted by students where they can learn things practically.

by: Shilpa Ajesh

Really your article was good with nice picture.When children do these small type of experiments one have to appreciate them...

plant growth
by: Anonymous

it was such a nice article. Plants are important in our life. The image is suited for this topic.

by: jenish

i apriciate your work and keep on trying something like this.this willl make you to think about some great ideas

by: Anonymous

wow, such a nice article. Plants are very very important in our life.The image is well suited for this topic.

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