How does warmer weather effect the earth?

Glacial lake outburst flood

Glacial lake outburst flood

When there is warm weather that means that the ice caps will melt, as they already have started.

If the ice caps melt then the sea level will become 20 feet higher. This will cause the water to cover some land.

It will cover Calcutta India, taking away the homes of 60 million people. It will even eventually cover up the world trade center in New York.

Some of the earth will be underground.

Barry's Response - What's happened before? Half of North America and other northern landforms were covered in ice caps. Somewhere I read that glacial meltwater may have contributed to the great flood with Noah's Ark. Hmm... things that make you think...

What happens to sea level if a big chunk of ice, like an iceberg, melts completely? What does that do to the sea level?
Not much.

An object displaces the lesser of

1) its mass or
2) its volume

of water when placed in water. If it floats, its mass, and if it sinks, its volume. Icebergs displace their mass because they float, and if they melt, their mass doesn't change as their volume shrinks, leaving the same amount of space displaced by their contents.

You can see more detail on the behaviour of floating ice and other objects on thebuoyancy page. I've had this one floating around on the StuffintheAir website a while now.
Search this site for more information now.

It is understandable that you are concerned about the potential consequences of global warming and the melting of ice caps.

It's true that rising temperatures can cause ice melt and sea level rise. We should, however, approach this issue with a comprehensive understanding of scientific consensus and ongoing research.

Although melting ice caps can contribute to sea level rise, the actual extent and rate of rise depends on a lot of factors. To better understand the implications of these changes, scientists and researchers study and monitor them.

Sea level rise adaptation and mitigation strategies are being developed. These include coastal protection, urban planning, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, international collaborations are working on sustainable solutions.

We need to remember that climate change is a multifaceted issue that needs global cooperation and collective action. We can build a more resilient future for human societies and the environment by raising awareness, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting science.

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